Epic Big Wave Surf Foiling in Nazare w/ Laird Hamiton…

…Terry Chung, Luca Padua & Benny Ferris

Moving at a speed where your mind slows things down to gain control…

In early 2020 Laird Hamilton, Terry Chung, Luca Padua and Benny Ferris were out with top surfers across the globe in Nazare Portugal to surf waves that come about rarely, if ever.

After extensive experimentation with setups and technique, this group was going to go after the breaks in Nazare in a different way, on surf foils that allow for an unreal speed on the water and an entirely new experience.

Documented by Patrick Wieland, on custom classic foils engineered by the team at Lift Foils.

Frame Grab: Creepy water

Pls find me if I get lost….

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