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A Women of the Wave Story.

In this feature, we highlight The Ohana Blomfield; Honolua, Lynn (Honolua’s Mom), and Kula (Honolua’s Sister).

A family that shares their love of surfing with each other every chance they get.

The Blomfield’s are true WOMEN OF THE WAVE.

‘EKOLU in Hawaiian means three.

‘EKOLU represents, the three women of their immediate family, and Honolua being a three-time Hawaiian Longboard World Champion.

Taking it back to the beginning, Lyne Blomfield was born on Oahu but raised on the island of Maui.

Already an avid surfer, she took her first girls’ surf trip after high school to the North Shore [of Oahu].

Following her heart and her love of surfing, Lyne moved back to the island of Oahu.

The future home and birthplace of her children’s surfing careers.

Honolua from the age of two would beg to surf with her mom.

Going on to learn on the front of her board and eventually got into competitive surfing by the age of four.

She’s a fierce competitor but her competitive spirit doesn’t define her love of the sport.

It goes way beyond a World Title victory.

In between Honolua’s competitions and free-surfing travels, you can find the three at home in Haleiwa surfing as a family and sharing the surfing spirit with their entire Ohana.

‘I have so many memories of those two catching waves. When you love surfing… and you see your daughters surfing together, that just fills my heart.’ – Lyne Blomfield

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