Issued: Sep 22, 2014 8:30 AM HST

Based on data through 8:00 am Sep 22 2014 HST

High pressure edging into the central Pacific has a ridge that extends along 25°N. South of the ridge, scattered to broken low clouds are pushing westward at 10 to 20 mph. North of the ridge to 30°N, broken low clouds are moving 10 mph toward the east.

An upper level low centered near 19°N 165°W is strong enough to set off a few thunderstorms in the area enclosed by 18°N and 21°N between 163°W and 168°W. The thunderstorms are moving 15 mph toward the west with tops reaching up to 43 thousand feet.

A low level trough near 12°N 148°W is producing some towering cumulus with isolated thunderstorms as it moves west at 15 mph. Tops are reaching as high as 42 thousand feet and extend as far north as 15°N.

Over Hawaii, skies are mostly clear this morning with exception of a few low clouds over the Koolau mountains on Oahu, and over Cape Kumukahi on the Big Island. Both the windward and leeward waters have scattered low clouds moving west at 15 mph.

In the deep tropics, scattered thunderstorms are found from 150°W to the dateline with the highest tops firing to 55 thousand feet.

Hawaii Visible Satellite image for 1800 UTC

Central Pacific Infrared Satellite image for 1800 UTC