Issued: Oct 01, 2014 8:30 AM HST

Based on data through 8:00 am Oct 01 2014 HST

Low clouds crossing 140°W from the east Pacific are bringing scattered to broken skies to 150°W. Low clouds are moving northwest between 20°N and 30°N and westward between 10°N to 20°N with an average speep of 15 mph. A cold front far north of Kauai is producing a band of overcast clouds and thunderstorms from 30°N 158°W to 26°N 162°W. The band is moving 10 mph toward the east with thunderstorm tops reaching as high as 43 thousand feet. Behind the front layered low and mid level clouds cover the skies between 25°N and 30°N as far west as 175°W.

Aloft, an upper trough extends southwestward from 30°N 136°W to Hawaii to 17°N 170°W. A thin band of towering cumulus and thunderstorms has formed under the trough west of 160°W. The subtropical jet runs along the south side of this trough and is producing overcast cirrus south of 20°N with some high clouds approaching the Big Island.

Over Hawaii, skies are mostly clear over the islands with scattered low clouds over the coastal waters moving toward the west northwest at 10 mph.

Central Pacific Infrared Satellite image for 1800 UTC