Based on data through 0500 UTC October 26 2016.

At 700 pm HST, satellite imagery showed a narrow cloud band associated with a frontal boundary extending west-southwest from 27°N 140°W to around 200 miles north of main Hawaiian islands, then west- northwest to 30°N 167°W. Cloud tops within this band were at or less than 10 thousand feet. This cloud band was tracking toward the south- southeast at 15 to 20 mph. Scattered to broken patches of cumulus clouds were trailing this band between 27°N and 30°N an area of broken to overcast layered clouds with a few embedded thunderstorms developing occasionally was shown a few hundred miles south of Midway island. These clouds were associated with an upper low centered near the date line at 20°N. Cloud motion, mostly upper clouds, were lifting northward between 18°N and 25°N from 170°W to 177°W east of the upper low. The upper low has remained nearly stationary over the past 24 hrs.

Scattered to broken low-level cumulus clouds were shown tracking toward the west-southwest at 15 to 20 mph within the trade winds over and around the main Hawaiian islands. The bulk of these clouds were focusing over the windward areas with isolated to scattered coverage shown spilling over to the leeward sections. Maximum cloud tops extended into the 10 to 15 thousand foot range. Broken to overcast low clouds were shown over the leeward section of the Big Island from Kona to South Point due to the afternoon sea breeze.

Scattered to numerous thunderstorms were shown across the deep tropics between 7°N and 15°N from 160°W to the date line. Maximum cloud tops extended to around 55 thousand feet. A general motion toward the west was shown.

Hawaii Infrared Satellite image for 0500 UTC
Central Pacific Infrared Satellite image for 0500 UTC


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