Based on data through 1800 UTC November 26 2015.

Water vapor imagery shows a broad swath of mainly high cirrus clouds with some embedded altocumuluc clouds streaming toward the northeast over the central Pacific. Thicker cloud elements are present over Kauai and Oahu including the adjacent waters with generally thinner cloud elements over Maui county and the Big Island including the adjacent waters to the south and east.

An east northeast through west southeast band of low clouds is draped across the western portion of the main Hawaiian islands. With trade winds blowing across the area low clouds are primarily focused over windward and mauka areas.

Over the Big Island low clouds are covering portions of the windward slopes from north Kohala southward through the Hilo and Puna districts. Patches of low clouds are also covering portions of the Kona and Kau slopes. Over Maui low clouds are banked up over the northern and eastern slopes of Haleakala as well as over the slopes and summits of the west Maui mountains. Most of Molokai was covered in low clouds with a few patches of low clouds over interior and eastern Lanai. Most of Oahu and Kauai were covered in low clouds with just a few breaks seen over western sections of Kauai.

Hawaii Infrared Satellite image for 1800 UTC
Hawaii Visible Satellite image for 1800 UTC
Central Pacific Infrared Satellite image for 1800 UTC


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