Based on data through 1800 UTC May 29 2016.

A broad upper level trough is slowing moving to the east across the area, with the trough axis running from 50°N 153°W to 30°N 152°W and through 18°N 177°W. Ample moisture along the eastern side of the trough, north of 30°N, is helping to support a thick band of layered clouds associated with a surface front. The leading edge of the front runs from 44°N 147°W to 35°N 144°W to 27°N 150°W to 23°N 160°W. The layered clouds extended approximately 200 miles west of the leading edge, with tops reaching between 35 and 40 thousand feet. The frontal band begins to taper off south of 30°N, and between 30°N and 27°N the layered clouds extend approximately 120 miles to the west, with cloud tops up to 25 thousand feet. The frontal band thins further, and is around 70 miles wide near 25°N with towering cumulus /tcu/ between 15 and 18 thousand feet. Eventually, the band becomes a thin line of cumulus /cu/ 85 miles north of Kauai.

East of the front, low level satellite derived winds reveal a surface high centered near 41°N 135°W with associated ridging extending south southwest to 23°N 152°W. Overcast stratocumulus /sc/ sit beneath the high, south to 15°N and west to 140°W. West of 140°W low level clouds become scattered. North of 20°N, scattered sc and cu are generally moving to the northwest and north between 10 and 20 mph. South of 20°N, most scattered sc and cu are moving the west between 10 and 20 mph. West of the front, few to scattered sc and cu are generally moving to the west between 10 and 20 mph.

Isolated convection just south of 10°N, associated with a broken inter-tropical convergence zone /itcz/, is producing scattered cirrus /ci/ blow off. The CI is being drawn north and east along a jet south of the upper trough mentioned above.

Quiet skies are over most of the main Hawaiian island this morning. Few clouds linger over Kauai Oahu Molokai Lanai and Maui, mainly on the north and east slopes. The northern half of the Big Island remains relatively clear, from north Kona to Kohala and around to Hilo. A nearly stationary patch of broken to overcast low level clouds sits over 158°W to 154°W and between 18.4°N and 19.4°N, covering the southern portion of the Big Island from south Kona to South Point and the Kau and Puna districts. The summits are clear.

Hawaii Visible Satellite image for 1800 UTC


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