Based on data through 0000 UTC November 25 2015.

A fairly weak front northeast of the state extended down through 30°N 148°W to 25°N 152°W. From there it continued southwest toward the islands in a rather diffuse, dissipating state across Maui county to near 15°N 164°W. The ragged frontal remnant straddling the state had become more noticeable via daytime visible imagery.

The ragged, roughly 75 miles wide cloud band consisted of broken to overcast cumulus clouds. This band was nearly stationary. Then front to the northeast of the state was moving slowly eastward. Isolated thunderstorms were forming along the front north of 27°N.

A relatively weak jet stream over the state was flowing from the west southwest toward the east northeast. A 400 miles wide swath of mostly broken cirrus clouds was riding the jet stream and was centered between 16°N 169°W and 23°N 156°W.

Patchy low clouds just east of the Big Island were moving westward. Those low clouds northeast of the Big Island and Maui were moving toward the north. And those low clouds seen north of Kauai were flowing southward. The varying cloud motions were due to the presence of the dying frontal boundary over the state.

At 2 pm, the entire state was cloudy to mostly cloudy. However, a few small holes would appear in the clouds to let the blue sky and sunshine be seen now and then.

Hawaii Visible Satellite image for 0000 UTC

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