Based on data through 1800 UTC May 03 2016.

Ridging remains dominant in the upper levels with the exception of a weak upper level low centered near 19°N 174°W. Infrared and visible imagery from this morning show little translation to the surface from this upper level low. The only key feature is a patch of cirrus /ci/ along the northeast side.

A dissipating front is running from east of 25°N 140°W to 23°N 152°W, with trailing remnants lingering just north of Kauai and Oahu. The frontal band north and east of 23°N 152°W is approximately 100 miles wide and comprised mainly of broken cumulus /cu/ with tops to 12 thousand feet. The remnant front is mainly showery cu and stratocumulus /sc/ trailing behind the front. Elsewhere, surface high pressure controls the area. North of the front and east of 160°W, broken to overcast sc is moving to the west and southwest near 20 mph. The remaining areas have scattered cu and sc moving to the west and southwest between 15 and 25 mph.

The remnants of the front mentioned above are backing into Oahu and Kauai, and helping to support broken low level clouds over most interior areas of Oahu and Kauai with tops between 7 and 9 thousand feet. North and east slopes on Molokai and Maui have broken low clouds, with the rest of these two islands being clear. Lanai has few low clouds. Most of the Big Island is clear this morning as well, except for the area south of Hilo to Apua Point and along the south Kona coast.

Hawaii Visible Satellite image for 1800 UTC


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