Based on data through 0000 UTC September 26 2016.

A few thin high clouds are passing over Maui and Kahoolawe this afternoon but are not obscuring lower clouds. In general, low clouds have increased over the main Hawaiian islands since this morning, and over the waters to the northeast of Maui and the Big Island.

Scattered to broken low clouds are found across Kauai and Niihau this afternoon. On Oahu, the clouds over the Koolau range have thickened some, while clouds along the adjacent eastern coastline have thinned. Scattered clouds remain over the central portion of the island and extend closer to the Waianae range. On Molokai, the clouds over the eastern end of the island this morning have extended to the west along the northern coast over the last six hours. Cloud coverage over Lanai has remained constant with only a few clouds over the interior of the island at 2 pm. Clouds remain over the east facing slopes of the west Maui mountains this afternoon, however the cloud coverage over the Haleakala slopes has changed since this morning. The bulk of the clouds over the east facing slopes are found upslope of huelo to Hana between 2000 and 6000 feet. Additional clouds are found over the slopes from Kipahulu to Ulupalakua. The clouds over the slopes near Ulupalakua extend up the slopes to Kula, and down the slopes and off to the southwest where they cover Kahoolawe this afternoon.

Clouds have thinned over the east side of the Big Island since daybreak with scattered clouds found over the slopes from Waipio valley to Cape Kumukahi to Volcano. Meanwhile clouds have increased in over the slopes of the Kau district, covering almost the entire area this afternoon. Cloud also cover the south Kona district, and the southern half of the north Kona district.

Scattered clouds are found to the northeast of Maui and the Big Island this afternoon and are moving in from the northeast around 15 mph. Isolated clouds are found upstream of the remaining islands.

Hawaii Visible Satellite image for 0000 UTC

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