Slo Mo Mavz

This Might Be the Prettiest Footage of Surfing Giant Maverick’s We’ve Ever Seen – The Inertia Published on Feb 16, 2017 Maverick’s, in Half Moon Bay, California, is one of the surfing’s most menacing and dangerous big waves. This edit shows exactly why.

Big Balls & Body Boarding

EXTREME BODYBOARDING MASSIVE WAVES… Not many would ever Dream of even wanting this…. Published on Feb 20, 2017 Music compilation of some of the biggest waves ever surfed on a bodyboard.

The BIG WAVE PROJECT has been in the making for five years

Creator Tim Bonython: Decades Chasing Giants Front image: Danny Griffith at Shipsterns Bluff © The Big Wave Project Film includes some of the world’s most memorable big wave sessions Surf News Network, 20 February, 2017 – Tim Bonython is an Australian filmmaker who has earned quite the reputation for placing himself in harm’s way to get the shot. His job is to follow the earth’s biggest swells to the world’s most dangerous breaks. All that time weaving and bobbing on a boat, dodging sets that swing wide and generaly …Read More »

Kelly Slater NOT Retiring after 2017, sorta…

The Dan Patrick Show (Full Interview) 2/10/17 When Kobe retired he was 37. Phelps was 31 and Jordan: 40…. On Feb 11th, Kelly Slater turned 45. Next month the first WCT event of 2017 will kick off with the Quik Pro Gold Coast – Slater will compete with world class talents mostly half his age. And what we thought was a fact is now mostly rumor, that this will be Slater’s last year on Tour.  In an a great interview with Joe Haakenson of the LA Times, …Read More »

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