[{"titulo":"OBS 645am Wednesday Jan 18th. Powered by 'The Point' at Turtle Bay.","sub_titulo":"Scattered clouds with light ENE trades filling to 10-25 mph. High Surf Warnings for N shore and Advsry's for West shores in advance of arrival. Small Craft also for fresh Trades filling. ","short_intro":"Small NW early BIG late, micro SSW and small ENE. Call the SNN Hotline 596-SURF 7a, 12p, 3p, 5p trend\/recap.","north":"Rising midday on a BIG 18 sec WNW-NW. Down & dropping 11 sec NW. Surf is 2-3' or waist to head range and good conditions. Sunset Pt. is 2-3', Pipe is mostly 2'; Chuns 2-3', Laniakea 2.5' (clean); Ali'i Beach Park is 1-2+' . Clean early with light trades and scattered clouds. Fresh trades and 8-12' surf by late afternoon. ","west":"Rising ~midday on a BIG 18 sec WNW-NW (10' by sunset). Down & dropping NW swell. Makaha is 0-2' inside. Smooth early with light offshores coming and fairly clear.","town":"Down & dropping SSW. Surf is 0-1.5' with top sets in the thigh high; semi weak broken form from Kewalos to Courts, Bowls to Piles to Kaisers. Threes-Pops-Queens mostly 0-1.5' with early clean conditions w\/ fresh off-shores later & scattered clouds.","diamond_head":"Down & dropping SSW. Surf is 1-2' but it's weak, peaky, choppy, poor hi tide cond. w\/ early moderate ENE trades from Lighthouse to Right hands, Cliffs etc; scattered clouds.","sundys":"Down & holding on the combo of tiny SSW and windswell. Surf is 1-2' max with most sets in the waist high range with fairly weak from Full Point through 1\/2-point through Middle peaks to Gas Chambers. Bumpy with moderate ENE trades early filling 10-25 and partly cloudy. ","makapuu":"Holding on the small 9 sec ENE. Surf is choppy 1-2' with top sets breaking inside the far left sand bar (alittle less for Keiki). 10-20+ onshores early and fairly cloudy. "}]