[{"titulo":"645 OBS Friday 12\/2\/16 Powered by Schaper Surfboards","sub_titulo":"Far less clouds and wind today. Light NE Trade flow will veer SE w\/a chance of seabreezes later. High surf advisory criteria still reached for East facing shores & soon for NW shores (8' Local). Small Craft Adv for all waters.","short_intro":"New Good NW. MArginally High ENE, small SW+SSE: Call the SNN Hotline 596-SURF 7a, 12p, 3p, 5p trend\/recap.","north":"Up & rising 15-17 sec NW. Top sets are double overhead. Everywhere with perfect conditions. Sunset is lully 4-6', Rocky's 3-5', Pipe\/OTW 3-5' (too much sand, not enough size), Chuns 3-5', Laniakea 3-5' and Ali'i Beach Park 3-5'. Super clean offshores and much better weather as of late. ","west":"Up & rising 15-17 sec NW + background Taz SW. Makaha is 1-3' but bigger anytime & peaking 4-6'+ midday on. Smooth offshore but onshores coming; cvlear skies.","town":"Up and holding 14 sec SSW and fading background SSE. Surf is 0-1-2.5' or chest high sets from Kewalos to Courts, Bowls, Piles to Kaisers. Threes-Pops-Queens are 0-1-2' mostly but expect some rare plus. Very clean for now but onshore SE winds expected; clearer skies today.","diamond_head":"Up and Holding mix of SE, SSW and SW. Surf is 1-2' occ. 3' with less chunky\/choppy waves; early light to moderate side-offshore but SE winds filling toward mid-day. Still fun from Lighthouse to Right hands and Cliffs; more blue overhead. ","sundys":"Holding on the 9 sec ENE and small SSW combo. Surf is 2-3' out Full Point area and plenty power energy; early light to moderate really EAST winds veering SE later; side-shore bump from Full Pt - 1\/2 point area thru Pipe-little's and Middle Peaks-into Chambers is seeing mostly thick 2-3' sets; broken clouds. ","makapuu":"Holding solid 9 sec trade swell. Surf is a bumpy 2-4' outside left off the Parking lot with less to middle & less to Keiki's sets in the 1-2-3' range; Early moderate super EAST trades & onshore chop and fairly overcast."}]