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SIMA to recognize Tom Carrol as Waterman of the Year

The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) will celebrate 25 years of uniting the surf industry and protecting the environment by honoring surf legend and two-time world champion Tom Carroll as Waterman of the Year.

SIMA will also honor Golden Globe Award Winner and environmental activist Ted Danson as Environmentalist of the Year, and legendary shaper Rusty Preisendorfer with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

A Special Recognition Award will also be presented to the family of influential surf industry figure, Hobie Alter, in memory of SIMA’s first-ever Waterman of the Year.  

The 25th Annual Waterman’s Weekend will be held August 8-9, 2014, at The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Calif. The weekend begins Friday, August 8, at the Monarch Beach Golf Links with the Waterman’s Classic Golf Tournament, and concludes on Saturday, August 9, with the Waterman’s Ball and Auction.

Tom Carroll, two-time world champion, will be given the title of 2014 Waterman of the Year. He dominated the 1982 World Cup at 8-to-10-foot Sunset and won three consecutive events, becoming the first goofy foot to earn a professional world title.

He won again in 1984 and also won the Surfer Poll that year, proving he was a surfer’s surfer and the people’s choice. During Carroll’s 14-year tenure on the world tour, he racked up 26 victories (third only to Curren and Slater), finished in the top five a record nine times and never wavered as the most powerful surfer on earth. With all of these titles he can now add 2014 Waterman of the Year.

“It’s a tremendous honor for SIMA to present Tom Carroll with the 2014 Waterman of the Year award,” said SIMA President and Vans VP/GM AmericasDoug Palladini. “Selfishly, TC is one of my favorite surfers of all-time, but for the sport and culture of surfing, this is a significant opportunity to pay tribute and give thanks to a legend who brings humanity to our world as he pushes all forms of surfing to new levels.”

Well-known and accomplished television and film actor and producer Ted Danson is also an avid protector of our environment and a prime candidate for the 2014 SIMA Environmentalist of the Year title. Danson founded the American Oceans Campaign (AOC) in 1987 in order to alert Americans to the life-threatening hazards created by oil spills, off-shore development, toxic wastes, sewage pollution and other ocean abuses.

In 2001, the AOC merged into a new organization called Oceana. Oceana is now the world’s largest international advocacy group exclusively focused on oceans. Danson is a board member and spokesperson for Oceana.

The group has since won over a hundred important policy victories for the oceans around the world resulting in the protection of more than a million square miles of ocean and the restoration of major fisheries in Europe, South America and the United States.

The group will launch campaigns this year in Brazil and the Philippines thanks to funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies. Danson continues to be heavily involved in Oceana’s campaigns and recently wrote a book entitled “Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them.”

“With the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Waterman’s Ball, I can’t think of a better candidate to honor this year with the Environmentalist of the Year award,” said Paul Naude, SIMA Environmental Fund President.

“Ted has attended many Waterman’s Ball events in order to support the SIMA Environmental Fund’s goals and ultimately the protection of our ocean environments. His work with AOC and now with Oceana speaks for itself and I couldn’t be happier to present Ted this award.”

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Rusty Preisendorfer, is considered a premier shortboard shaper and a fundamental part of shaping history. As a shaper, Preisendorfer deserves credit for perfecting the modern thruster as we know it.

His shaping career began with his fascination in merely building things, fixing dinged up boards that he found at garage sales at a young age. He quickly turned a love for creation into an unrivaled name in shaping and transmitted that into one of the largest apparel lines in the industry.




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