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What it takes to be a champ

Don't get too comfortable Joel.. congrats on the world title, but now you have a target on your back..and the boys are coming for you.  With the first stop of the ASP World Tour in the books, and a hot new race underway, there is no question that Joel as a lot of work to do if he is to defend his title this year.  Kelly just won his 52nd tour victory on the first stop of the tour, and in Australia....that's gotta sting!  Although, some would say it is sweet revenge for the elder statesman of surfing, and yet other's would say JOEL GET BUSY!  This may be no time for Joel to sit back and relax on is accomplishments, but to rather keep stepping up his game and give the rest of us the most exciting saga in professional surfing in a long time.  The rest of us only dream to be living the life these guys do, and this video shows what it takes to be a champ.  The commitment to the lifestyle, the training and more. RedBull captures it in their latest surf edition of 21Days....

Here is the video description:

The contest start date is in sight as both surfers make final preparations for the season opener.
Mick dials his boards in for the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks. In Darren Handley of DHD, Mick has a shaper who labours over the 2x world champ’s equipment, and it shows. Mick’s also got his training regimen to keep on top of, as he looks to surf more, the closer the contest gets.

Joel, itching for a chance to put on a rashy and knock some of the rust off, heads to Newcastle’s Surfest to warm up for the opener at Snapper. Having missed out on his usual warm up event, the Burleigh Breaka Pro, it’s the first time he’s competed in nearly three months and serves as a confidence-builder of the best sort.

Episode three of 21Days: Parko/Fanning is the last chapter documenting the lives of these two sportsmen as they ready themselves for the first test of the new year. The final lap before the flag drops might be the most nerve-wracking, but it’s also the most exciting.





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