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Web Series Documents the Incredible Work & Uncertain Road for Partially Paralyzed Cinematographer and Life Saver, Mike Prickett.

Mike Prickett ©

Surf News, 24 May, 2012 :, the philanthropic media organization and multi-media arm of the Annenberg Foundation, has launched a special web video series, photo gallery and community web site today that chronicles the extraordinary life, work, and current struggle with paraplegia of world renowned ocean cinematographer, Mike Prickett (Hawaii).

On March 14, 2012, while filming underwater on location off the coast of an atoll in French Polynesia, Mike saw a diver below him in distress. Acting instinctively, Mike helped the diver make an emergency ascent but in the process was partially paralyzed from a severe case of the bends.

....While the man he saved was ultimately able to walk away from the incident, Mike was told he may never walk again. His doctors say it will take six months to find out how well he will recover. 


Struck by his incredible work and inspired by his resilient, can-do attitude, founder, philanthropist, and friend of Mike, Charlie Annenberg Weingarten challenged the cinematographer to turn his journey of recovery into a source of inspiration and education. The result is a new web video series that will chronicle Mike's journey as he attempts to walk again. is also teaming up with Mike for an ongoing blog to showcase his amazing body of work-and the work of his colleagues who have collectively revolutionized video standards in the underwater and surf industries.

The new web video series premieres today. New webisodes will be released every Wednesday throughout the summer.

"Aside from the fact that Mike is considered one of the best underwater cinematographers in the world, he is surely an incredible human being who, even through this tragically challenging time, is showing immense selflessness," said Charlie Annenberg. "Courage has always been in his DNA and we are all inspired by his willingness to share this experience with people everywhere."


Source: Ocean Promotion

Author: Jodi Wilmott

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