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Volcom Pufferfish VQS rolls through fun Makaha Saturday 3/24

Pic Zeke Lau © Volcom

In full Hawaiian style the day rolled on smooth with no worries

Local SNN News, 27 March, 2012 :  Volcom held its Pufferfish VQS Surf Series event at Makaha last weekend. It was perfect Makaha for everyone. Fun rippable waves, sunny and as always, beautiful. Volcom guys were giving away goodies all day for the kids too. Kids were surfing amazing out there negotiating Makaha's famous backwash.


Volcom VQS Pufferfish Surf Series at Makaha (S4W12) from kaz sano on Vimeo.

With over 160 competitors signed up and the kids chomping at the bit to get in the water, we sounded the horn and the first heat was under way at 7:15am. In full Hawaiian style the day rolled on smooth with no worries and before we could blink it was time for the action packed finals! Check the full days recap below. Thanks to everyone that made this epic day possible. Angelina Yossa partied hard all day and for her efforts she walked away with a brand new surfing board courtesy of Meeks Surfboards.

Kalani David cleaned up all day taking the Grom win and the Electric Volt Thrower $100.00. The Squids division never disappoints in Hawaii! Noah Hill took down heavy competition to earn his 4th VQS win of the year. Kaito Kino marched his way through the early round heats and finished in a respectable 4th place.

The legendary Makaha beach on the West side of Oahu delivered fun surf throughout the day. The Winners all walked away with prizes from KICKER, RIVIERA SKATEBOARDS, FUTURE FINS and many more!

Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors: Electric Visual, Muscle Milk, Transworld Surf, Kicker, Globe Shoes, GoPro, Team Associated, Chipotle, Riviera Skateboards, Future Fins, OAM, Famous Wax, Clif Bar, Speck Products, Buell Wetsuits

Kaito Kino © Volcom

1. Billy Kemper - $500.00
2. Zeke Lau
3. Charlie Carrol
4. Sheldon Paishon
5. Tom Dosland
6. Davin Jaime

1. Josh Moniz - $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Isaiah Moniz
3. Kai Matsumoto
4. Kaito Kino
5. Kaoli Kahukoloa
6. Keanu Ikalani

1. Kalani David
2. Kaulana Apo
3. Seth Moniz
4. Imaikalani Devault
5. Devin Bruggemann
6. Loa Ng

1. Kiana Fores
2. Bailey Nagy
3. Honolua Bloomfield
4. Alisha Gonzalves
5. Alyssa Wooten
6. Kealohi Sebate

1. Noah Hill
2. Eli Hannemann
3. Disaiah Briley
4. Dylan Franzmann
5. Cole Alves
6. Brodie Sale

Electric Volt Thrower
Kalani David - $100.00

Division winners © Volcom

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