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off 9/15. on 9/28

Tonight Shaun Thomson. Turtle Bay ramps up the Talk Story series

Pic: Shaun Tomson © Dan Merkel

1977 World Champ and Author Surf Culture kicks into high gear in the country at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort.

Talk Story series at Turtle Bay features 'Great Stories For Great Causes'

Turtle Bay's Talk Story series launches 'Great Stories for Great Causes' which will donate all ticket sales to non-profits. Cultural icons on the ticket include: Shaun Tomson, Clyde Aikau, Rodney Mullen, Don King, Mike Prickett and other. See whats coming and what you do not want to miss.

9/4: Shaun Tomson + Bustin' Down The Door.
World champion surfer, Pipeline Master, film producer & successful author, South Africa's Shaun Tomson remains surfing's consummate professional after more than 30 years of major contributions to the sport. In the winter of 1975, Shaun was a key player of the revolutionary Bustin' Down the Door era on Oahu's North Shore - a time in surfing that changed its course forever. In addition to producing this Award Winning film, Shaun's own story is one of success, optimism, inspiration and leadership.

9/11: Derek Hoffmann & Mike Prickett + Fiberglass & Megapixels.
Multi award-winning film Fiberglass & Megapixels sheds light on the highly specialized and competitive occupations of surf photographers and surf cinematographers. What does it take to capture the stunning and mercurial imagery of surfing at the sport's ultimate arena and proving ground of Oahu's North Shore? Produced and directed by brothers Derek & Craig Hoffmann, Derek will be joined by internationally acclaimed underwater cinematographer Mike Prickett to talk story about their profession and present the film. Let them take you behind the camera and into the rarely shared world of surfing's top lensmen.

Ticket sales to Kokua Hawaii Foundation.
9/18: Clyde Aikau/Paul Taublieb + Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau.
Eddie Aikau is a Hawaiian hero: pioneer big-wave rider, lifeguard, peacemaker, traditional voyager. His closest friend and lifeguard partner through his life was his youngest brother Clyde Aikau. Clyde will join film producer Paul Taublieb to talk about Eddie's life, spirit, achievements and ultimate contributions that went far beyond big wave riding and deep into the heart of Hawaiian culture to make him a time-tested hero. Ticket sales to The Eddie Aikau Foundation. 

9/25: Don King + Beautiful Son.
World class cinematographer, film director & photographer, Don King's outstanding ocean cinematogaphy has been featured in well-known films like Pirates of the Carribean, The Living Sea, The Descendents, & Soul Surfer. His most valued personal contribution has been his own film Beautiful Son - a story of Don & wife Julianne's efforts to heal their autistic son, Beau. The film received Best Documentary and Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Hawaii International Film Festival. Ticket sales to Hawaii Autism Foundation.

10/2: Doug Walker + The Lost & Found Collection.
In 2007, Doug Walker attended a flea market in Los Angeles & uncovered several boxes containing 30,000 black & white surfing negatives. They turned out to be some of the most famous and important images in surfing, captured by the leading photographers of their time. In his film, Doug sets out to find both the photographers and the surfers depicted in those iconic images, and discovers there's a much bigger story that needs to be told. View trailer here. 
 Ticket sales to Follow The Light Foundation.

10/9: Rodney Mullen "The Godfather of Street Skating" + Bones Brigade.
When six teenage boys came together as a skateboarding team in the '80s, they reinvented not only their sport but themselves, too, as they evolved from insecure outsiders to the most influential athletes in their field. Rodney Mullen, a vital member of the Bones Brigade team, set off on a path that would redefine the way a skateboard could be ridden. He went on to found World Industries skateboards, and was 2002 Skater of the Year. Today he is known as the "Godfather of Street Skating". Go deeper into Rodney's story and then watch the critically acclaimed movie Bones Brigade. Charity to be announced.

Join us for a special 6-week Talk Story + Film series, Wednesday nights at 7:30pm, from Sept. 4 through Oct. 9 at Surfer The Bar, Turtle Bay Resort. Hear the stories & watch the films of our world renowned guests. 100% of ticket sales to non-profit groups. TICKETS $10 advance purchase.

Turtle Bay Resort is host and a part-time home to many of the world’s elite surfers, stand-up paddlers and surf industry executives. It is the official partner and headquarters to some of the world’s premier ocean events including The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, Pipeline Masters, SURFER Magazine Peer Poll Awards, SUP World Tour, Volcom Pipe Pro etc

Check Surfer, the Bar's website HERE

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