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Town & Country grom event taps great surf, Aloha

T&C/Surfer Grom Contest

Kuhio Beach, Waikiki Hawaii
18 - 19 May 2013

Massive south swell dishes great surf for the groms

Queen’s, Waikiki was invaded by nearly 300 keiki o ke kai this past weekend at the T&C Surfer Grom Contest which was held inside of the Queen’s surf break at Kuhio Beach due to a large south swell....

On early Friday morning, the National Weather Service in Honolulu had issued a high surf advisory for South facing shores of all Hawaiian islands until 6 p.m. Tuesday (May 21). Event organizers took extra precautions to insure the safety of the children, some as young as three years old.

"We've never seen this amount of swell for our event, so what we've done on the advice of water patrol is move the kids inside to Baby Queen's and even inside of Baby Queen's for the youngest participants" said Adam Borrello, one of the contest's organizers. 

Saturday saw the brave young souls attacking frothy waves at Kuhio Beach, with a solid south swell serving up huge sets with 10-12 foot faces on the outside and chunky reforms on the inside. The kids couldn’t be deterred and took to the surf breaking on the inside without a second thought.

The Kokua Division (push-in) for surfers ages 3-6 took place inside of Baby Queen’s with little monsters delighted to have their chance to showcase their beginner skills. It was clear from the cheering Ohana on the shorelines that this was a highlight of the day for many with over 84 participants in this division alone.

The swell continued to roll in on Sunday as the first heat of 6-8 year old boys paddled out at 7am followed by the girls shortly after. The surf on the shores of Waikiki couldn’t have been better for competition allowing the surfers to showcase their skills.

In between heats, kids participated in fun activities such as stack the wax, who’s balloon is bigger and entertaining games. Other groms raced to the jetty to jump into the foaming surf with their new found friends! The current was quite strong and parents were on full alert the entire weekend. At lunch, all competitors enjoyed lunch from Chili’s Grill & Bar and a cold Naked Juice refresher.

At Sunday’s end in the “11-12” boys division, Julian Williams impressed judges with his sensational surfing style, confidently besting his competition Bapista, Stewart, Shaw, Hemmings and Aluli. Summer Ivy took first in the 11-12 girls division beating out Sawai, Mercado, Self, Deturk and Laanui who took 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place, respectively.

Thatcher Johnson claimed the boys shortboard in the 9-10 age group and Tiki Willis won the girls division. Taking home the first place trophy in the boys shortboard 6-8 was Leo Olsen and in the girls division it was Ewe Wong. Top six surfers in the boys and girls longboard and bodyboard divisions in the 6-9 and 10-12 age groups all claimed trophies and awesome prize packs.

All our beginners in the kokua division were awarded a trophy too. Really though, everyone who competed came away winning, with goodie bags for all, lots of waves, a few memorable wipe-outs and a new friendships for all.

The whole weekend was run in great spirits, with Scarlett Ray and Tyler Bogart a shining example of how a role model should carry themselves. Both groms were standouts on showcasing a good attitude and being very polite amongst their piers.

Thus, these groms were hand picked to each receive a custom T&C shortboard. Other groms clung to their tiny red raffle tickets hoping for their number to be called so they could score almost as big. Prizes included Go Pro Hero 3 cameras and battery pacs, Globe skateboards, Sector 9 decks, Oakley sunglasses, BZ bodyboards, Beats headphones and more. All in all, the groms had a awesome weekend that they will remember for days to come.
1. Leo Olsen
2. Ezra Clark
3. Koda Beschen
5. Merrick Hemmings
6. Cole Wolcott

BOYS SHORTBOARD 9-10 yrs old
1. Thatcher Johnson
2. Kai Jenkins
3. Max Meister
4. John Michael Van Hohenstein
5. Keenan Wiech
6. Micheal Van Hohenstien

BOYS SHORTBOARD 11-12 yrs old
1. Julian Williams
2. Gabe Bapista
3. Kaniela Stewart
4. Reef Shaw
5. Trevor Hemmings
6. Noah Aluli

1. Ewe Wong
2. Betty Lou Sakura Johnson
3. Marie Marquez
4. Sebastian Williams
5. Alyssa Prevatt
6. Natalia Wunderlich

1. Tiki Willis
2. Frankie Sarantini
3. Logan Harris
4. Tamura Caicedo
5. Madi Cate
6. Sasha Kauhane

GIRLS SHORTBOARD 11-12 yrs old.
1. Summer Ivy
2. Jessica Sawai
3. Shaley Mercado
4. Ella Self
5. Olivia Deturk
6. Triana Laanui

BOYS LONGBOARD 6-9 yrs old
1. Nate Delamarter
2. Kai Delventhal
3. Enzo Sarantini
4. Carlo Sarantini

BOYS LONGBOARD 10-12 yrs old
1. Kahanu Cuban
2. Lucas Reed
3. Tyler Bogart

1. Kelis Kaleopaa
2. Olivia Yossa
3. Laawahine Cuban
4. Marina Fonseca
5. Melia Lee
6. Ana David

GIRLS LONGBOARD 10-12 yrs old
1. Ilima Edwards
2. Ayla Sprecher
3. Tenaya Richardson
4. Angel Budroe
5. Kathryn Delamartev
6. Emma Abelle

1. Chasen Lono
2. Ikaika Padaca
3. Ainsely Ebright
4. Che Pacana

BOYS & GIRLS BODYBOARD 10-12 yrs old
1. Kawika Rohk Kamai
2. Kainoa Lono
3. Kainalu Aduca
4. Hannah Bradbury
5. Keaka Sanford
6. Grace Aukai

A few quotes we wanted to share from competitor parents:

“Thank you  for supporting our community by giving so many grooms a chance to surf in a contest at a great break, with great prizes and so many smiling, supportive faces. We always have a wonderful time , and we see the keiki learning from the example of aloha that is set.” Mike, Susan, Torrey, Chloe and Max Meister

“We look forward to this event every year! My two boys surf the bodyboarding division and have made many friends over the years that we've attended. This is the one contest that we plan our year around. Its fun, friendly, and ohana oriented. Thank you T&C and all of the sponsors and workers who make this event possible every year!” Shane Lono

“We had the best FAMILY time supporting our little grom (5 yrs) and she had a great time, too, despite the intimidating and epic South Swell! She wants to participate again. Thank you for putting this event on, encouraging our young ones AND keeping them safe - "surf fun is sure fun"!” Barbara Long

“GromFeSt is da BeSt! Our 3 keiki were in the kokua division and they all loved it- they are already talking about next year's event! They felt super stoked and special winning an actual trophy which is proudly displayed in their rooms. Mahalo for all of the community effort towards "Na Kama Kai" of Hawaii having a chance to surf where it all began.” Amy Asam

“This was our first event and my boy participated in the kokua division. Not much else to say than a big Thank You to all who helped putting this together. Vaitua and his parents had an awesome time... We are looking forward for next year’s event. Again Mahalo Nui Loa and keep up the good work.” Gordon Quoniou

“I asked Madi to rate the level of fun surfing in the contest on a scale of 1-10. She replied that it would have be a lot higher than 10 :) This girl likes to compete and likes to surf a lot.” Brad Cate

Source: T&C

Author: Lani Isherwood

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