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The Vans World Cup kicks off on a 5-7' NW

The Vans Triple Crown 2nd Jewel has tons of swell in the forecast. Expect to see fun to heavy Sunset surf through out the event. Tuesday has the round of 128 starting at 8am. Learn about past Champs and the contest with one click.

We'll keep you posted through out the day with a wrap up tonight. Mahalo. gq


About the 2013 Vans World Cup of Surfing

Oct 2013

Sunset Beach

The World Cup of Surfing is the second jewel of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Held at Sunset Beach, the big wave event is steeped in tradition, as the infamously long and shifty wave is held in the highest esteem by big wave surfers around the world.  

A true test for any waterman, the waves at Sunset are spread across a huge playing field, which challenges the fitness of the surfers to get in the right spot to catch the best and biggest waves. Notorious for being unruly and complex, only a few dedicated surfers have mastered the lineup and the powerful waves that pour down the point.  

Sunset Beach is a wave magnet and pulls in swell from the west to the northeast and has the potential to showcase some of the biggest waves ridden in competition during the Triple Crown. In years past, power surfing—big rail turns, deep barrels and under-the-lip hacks—dominated the lineup as surfers with big boards did their best to muscle across Sunset’s long, lined-up sections. But with the advent of high-performance, above the lip surfing sweeping the surf world, the younger competitors are now charging Sunset on smaller boards that allow them to pull off incredible maneuvers in the most critical sections of the wave, bringing a new dimension of power and style to competitive surfing at Sunset Beach. 

The competitive spirit felt at the contest site and in the water truly matches the powerful surf at Sunset. As a Prime ASP event and the last qualifying contest of the season, surfers battle it out for crucial points that determine their final ranking on next year’s tour. For some, a good result means breaking in to the ASP World Tour or just hanging on to their World Tour seed. For others on the cusp of requalifying for the World Tour who fair poorly at Sunset, it can be a long, pensive flight back home. Between the epic surf, the level of surfing and careers on the line, the World Cup of Surfing is the ultimate surf drama.  

World Cup of Surfing Champions

2012 - Adam Melling, Australia 2011 - John John Florence, Hawaii 2010 - Raoni Monteiro, Brazil 2009 - Joel Parkinson, Australia 2008 - C.J. Hobgood, USA
 2007 - Makuakai Rothman, Hawaii 2006 - Joel Parkinson, Australia 2005 - Jake Patterson, Australia 2004 - Andy Irons, Hawaii 2003 - Jake Patterson, Australia 2002 - Joel Parkinson, Australia
 2001 - Myles Padaca, Hawaii 2000 - Sunny Garcia, Hawaii
 1999 - Zane Harrison, Australia
 1998 - Shane Dorian, Hawaii 1997 - Michael Rommelse, Australia
 1996 - Paul Patterson, Australia 1995 - Shane Powell, Australia
 1994 - Sunny Garcia, Hawaii
 1993 - John Gomes, Hawaii
 1992 - Martin Potter, United Kingdom
 1991 - Fabio Gouveia, Brazil 1990 - Derek Ho, Hawaii 1989 - Hans Hedemann, Hawaii
 1988 - Tom Carroll, Australia
 1987 - Gary Elkerton, Australia
 1986 - Hans Hedemann, Hawaii 1985 - Michael Ho, Hawaii
 1984 - Michael Ho, Hawaii 1983 - Michael Ho, Hawaii 1982 - Tom Carroll, Australia
 1981 - Dane Kealoha, Hawaii 1980 - Ian Cairns, Australia 1979 - Mark Richards, Australia
 1978 - Buzzy Kerbox, Hawaii 1977 - Shaun Tomson, South Africa 1976 - Ian Cairns, Australia 1975 - Mark Richards, Australia 

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