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The SUP World Tour at Sunset Beach Feb 7-15

Arguably the most iconic event on the Stand Up World Tour Calendar will once again kick the season off in style from the 7th - 15th February: the Sunset Beach Pro brings together the world's best set against one of the most formidable backdrops and one of the world's most infamous waves, found at the heart of Oahu's Fabled North Shore.
Launch of the all new Women's World Tour at Turtle Bay

From the 6th - 10th February, the all new Women's World Tour will be officially launched here at the Waterman League's Headquarters at Turtle Bay. The Turtle Bay Women's Pro will mark the launch of a 4 event series in 2013 that will start here in Hawaii, then head to Brazil (Ubatuba), California and close in October in France (La Torche).

The event will run in conjunction with the Sunset Beach Pro and its holding period is from the 6th - 10th February. Given the different conditions at Turtle Bay, condition suitability for running is entirely complimentary and will provide a complete schedule for our global audiences. 
Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge to take place on the 6th Feb

Continuing on the legacy of Na Kama Kai, Hawaii's non profit organization for the creation of ocean sports and learning opportunities for its youth, the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge provides a dynamic platform for up and coming U16 year olds to step up and do battle at Turtle Bay on the 6th February.

Leading lights on the Stand Up World Tour have all come through the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenges, from current World # 7, France's Benoit Carpentier (Naish), to event winner in Brazil Mo Freitas (Focus) to the young Hawaiian phenom, Riggs Napoleon (Rogue), so it is a proven stepping stone to World Tour greatness.

Opening Ceremony and 2012 Awards at Surfer the Bar

Turtle Bay and more specifically Surfer the Bar will also host the Opening Ceremony, Registration and question time for the Sunset Beach Pro and the Turtle Bay Women's Pro from 6pm on 6th February. So make sure to join us there to meet the Pros and soak in the unique atmosphere of the Sunset Beach Pro. In addition to the opening ceremony, we will be hosting the awards for the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge that will have taken place that day, but also the presentation of the 2012 World Championship Trophy to Brazil's Leco Salazar, as well as the 'Rookie of the Year' and other awards.
Win a stay at Waterman League HQ, Turtle Bay in 2013

Following a successful contest in 2012, we are proud to announce that Marlene Burkett from Texas is the proud winner of a stay at Turtle Bay on Oahu's fabled North Shore. In addition to the stay, she will have access to all the activities on offer at Turtle Bay, from SUP and Surf, to tailored adventures, Golf, horse-riding and much more. Congratulations go out to Marlene. 
One thing is for sure, Sunset always provides its fair share of surprises and one of the most spectacular shows of the year. This coupled with the Women's Pro at Turtle Bay and the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge will make it a week to remember as the Stand Up World Tour kicks off its 2013 season in style.

Wednesday February 6th: 
• 7.45am: Morning Show from Surfer the Bar (Daily throughout the event)
• 9am: Registration for Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge & Turtle Bay Women's Pro
• 10am First possible start for Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge & Turtle Bay Women's Pro (holding period  for the women: 6th - 10th February)
• 6pm: Registration for Sunset Beach Pro, Opening Ceremony and Awards at Surfer the Bar

Thursday 7th - Friday 15th February:
• 7am: Official Call for day's activities (to be posted here) and the event )hotline number is: 808 953 9702
• 7.45am: Morning Show from Surfer the Bar / Sunset Beach
• 8am: first possible start

Saturday 9th February:
• 8pm: Live music event at Surfer the Bar
• Additional social events to be announced




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