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off 9/15. on 9/28

Results are in for the Official kick off for the Summer of 2013 this past Memorial Day weekend!

Surf was good on Saturday and tapered off from there but it didnt matter with all the energy and great performances in Hawaii's largest amateur surfing event...Check out the names of some of the best for 2013. 

This years Surf Into Summer was a huge success and tons of fun for all. Mahalo to all those who surfed and all those who came out to join us for the Memorial Day weekend fun!

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of each division. Time to unleash the bragging! in....

Results for the Surf Into Summer as we returned to Town's crown jewel this past May 25, 26, and 27.

Bodyboard Jr. Men 17 & under

1. Parker Thrantham
2. Jake Edwards
3. Nainoa Mata
4. Cisco Torres
5. Kellen Yamasaki
6. Simon Alexander

Bodyboard Mens open
1. Keanu Cazimero
2. Alan Lamphere
3. Dayton Wago
4. Kapena Kaopuiki
5. Jason Oh
6. Wade Asato

Menehuhe Shortboard
1. Dylan Franzemann
2. Tony Nunez
3. Keanu Taylor
4. Makana Franzemann
5. Makani Walker
6. Jake Ricoobuano

Boys Shortboard
1. Devin Bruggemann
2. George Leong-Titcomb
3. Kameron Dowis
4. Wendell Leong-Titcomb
5. Noa Mizuno
6. Troy Osada

Junior Men Shortboard
1. Christopher Bluthardt
2. Alex Pendleton
3. Hunter Johnson
4. Qweston Sherman
5. Micheal Ikalani
6. Autsin Vincente

Mens Shortboard
1. E.J. Mitsui
2. Derek Wong
3. Cole Yamakawa
4. Mike Oshaugnessy
5. Timothy Metcalf
6. Isaac Lani

Masters Shortboard
1. Weston Hori
2. Gregg Nakamura
3. Reid Wicklund
4. Christopher Mitoba
5. Ian Soutar
6. Aaron Kobashigawa

Senior Mens Shortboard
1. Mike Akima
2. Scott Shimoda
3. Chet Moleta
4. James Kress
5. Mike Hennessy
6. Richard Tom

Girls Shortboard
1. Emily Nishimoto
2. Brisa Hennessy
3. Brittany Penaroza
4. Cayla Moore
5. Kealohi Sabate
6. Julie Nishimoto

Womens Shortboard
1. Izumi Baldwin
2. Masako Nishimoto
3. Sayuri Hashimoto
4. Missy Valdez
5. Sydney Iaukea
6. Alyssa Wooten

Mens Open Longboard
1. Robert Fernandez
2. Travis Pang
3. Bob Yoshii San
4. Geoff Wong
5. Stein Klein
6. Dustin Fernandez

Womens Open Longboard
1. Ashley Ahina
2. Jazzel Ahina
3. Lola Schremmer
4. Luna Courtois
5. Tricia Higa
6. Mason Scremmer

Surf Into Summer returned to Town's crown jewel this past May 25, 26, and 27.

This May 25, 26, and 27 marks the official start to summer with the Local Motion Surf Into Summer contest presented by Hawaiian Style at the famed Ala Moana Bowls.  This is your opportunity to get the Bowls line up as uncrowded as possible!

The top three hundred and twenty five amateurs in the state will lace it up and give it their all for trophies, prizes, and most importantly, bragging rights!

Local Motion locations.


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