Never before has a generation so young taken the establishment by storm. Never before have a group of kids barely old enough to drive redefined what is possible in a heat. When we watch teenagers like John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, Miguel Pupo and Kolohe Andino surf their heats at Lowers, just remember that they’re making history. Sure, we’ve seen flashes of brilliance from individual future stars. But never have we seen such a large group of kids knock down the walls of the establishment with every wave at every event. Airshows are irrelevant because airshows are now regular heats. And these kids are far from just “air guys”.

The great thing is, there’s no better wave to witness this revolution than Lower Trestles. The perfect speed, the split peak, the tapering wall and the limitless possibilities allow our most talented to perform the imaginable. And as that next generation goes up against heroes like Slater, Fanning, Parkinson and others, we will watch the level of surfing permanently turn up a few notches. Lowers and the Hurley Pro makes this possible and we’re honored to be a part of it.

We’re also honored to be working with the California State Parks and San Onofre Foundation to create an arena with a conscience. There’s no better place to watch surfing than Trestles, but we want to remind everyone that we build this event on sacred, sensitive ground. We try to minimize our footprint at San Onofre State Park and encourage everyone to do the same.

We also want to thank our list of event partners who help make this event possible. They’re all a valuable part of bringing the best in surfing to life at Lowers:

Bud Light Lime, Shark Freestyle, FlexFit, mophie, Spy, Sambazon, FCS, Surfing Magazine, Surfline, Schwinn and Comfort Suites.

What else? Now’s the time when I get nervous, watching the charts to see what kind of swell is in store for our 7-day window starting Sept. 16. It’s too early to tell yet, but I have a really good feeling about this one.

Pat O’Connell

Hurley Pro Contest Director

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