Wednesday, September 17, 2014 596-SURF , 596-WAVE , 922-BONG , 638-RUSH , 572-SURF(MAUI) , 241-SURF (KAUAI) , 324-RUSH (BIG ISLAND)
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'Talk Story' this Wednesday with Tony Harrington at Surfer the Bar

“Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, if you love to surf, you love getting barrelled; that’s what we go into the water seeking each day and talk about each afternoon,” explained Tony “Harro” Harrington, the project director.

“At its core, surfing is all about the barrel and now there is the technology to allow surfers to shoot and share their experiences from the very heart of waves. We’ll be ‘sharing the stoke’ here at and are overwhelmed at the amount of great barrels we already have lined up for the website kick off.”

Harrington, who has been shooting surf and snow around the globe for more than 20 years with more than 150 magazine covers to his name, has brought together an international line-up of iconic surfers to participate in the iON The Barrel Movie, slated for November release. These include Team iON surfer Reef McIntosh, Jamie Mitchell, Rusty Long, Ken “Skindog” Collins, Marty Paradisis, Peter Hayes, Justin “Jughead” Allport, Laurie Towner and a host of others.

Since the first wave was ridden surfers have shared stories and experiences to try and explain the magic inside the waves they ride… The Barrel is a film tribute to these moments inside hollow waves.

Check out the trailer for a taste of what’s coming up in The Barrel Movie…

“…the tube is the spinning cylinder that a wave makes when it hits a shallow enough body of ocean surface and there is some universal alchemy in there that, whatever it is, you end up feeling insane after you get one…” – Rusty Long

“When you’re dropping in and you know that you’re behind the section and it’s going to barrel, your heart starts pounding…” - Ken “Skindog” Collins

“I dream about it.  I used to draw it in my schoolbooks.” – Jarrah Tutton

“The Holy Grail really isn’t it, of surfing. Getting spat out of a big tube. It’s like being reborn again.” – Cale Grigson

“When surfing the barrel it’s just like being on another planet. You’re in a void, you’re in a vacant space basically…” – Mal Sutherland

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