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Talk Story Series ftg. Bob Leinau hosted by Jodi Wilmott

here all about it at Surfer the Bar this Thursday nite; doors open 6p and the 'Talk Story' starts at 8pm. Ever wonder how the North Shore maintains its beautiful green spaces and ocean? What was it like when the first Hawaiians lived here in harmony with the ocean and the land? Bob Leinau has the answers, as well as intriguing insight into the special history of places like Waimea Valley and Bay. Bob is one of the key action figures in the non-profit groups Malama Pupukea-Waimea, and North Shore Community Land Trust. His intimate understanding of the North Shore make him one of our most valuable residents. And his super fun and positive outlook on life also makes him one of our most colorful characters… that’s why we call him an action figure!

Mission Statement

Working to replenish and sustain the natural and cultural resources of the Pupukea and Waimea Ahupua'a for present and future generations through active community stewardship, education, and partnerships.


Objective 1: To document, report, and reduce poaching.

Objective 2: To increase the knowledge of and support for the ecological values, rules, traditional and cultural importance, and user impacts on the Pūpūkea and Waimea ahupua'a—focusing on the MLCD—among the community, youth, visitors, and users.

Objective 3: To discover what the pollution threats are, if any, and then create a plan to address them.

Objective 4: To create a system of sustainable financial and institutional mechanisms that will support the activities of the Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea in the long term.

Objective 5: To protect and strengthen the laws and policies that created the MLCD and that support Hawaii marine managed areas.

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