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TAJ BURROW enjoying life as a surfer at Cloud Break

Part 2/3 of Taj Burrow's epic trip to Fiji, featuring Davies and Chippa.
Video/Edit: Riley Blakeway

Taj began his surfing days in southwest Western Australia at the age of 7. What the Yallingup area lacked in population it certainly made up for in a plethora of ledges, deadly points and powerful beach breaks. With these kind of surroundings and raised as an only child by parents Nancy and Vance, Taj and surfing meshed together well. He pulled on his first contest singlet aged 12 and after only two years he took out the under-18′s division of a local contest and didn’t look back, progressing to regular grommet and junior contests around the world in which he was rarely beaten.



While some surfers battle the hard ‘QS slog for years or even a lifetime, Taj qualified for the World Tour ranks on his debut attempt at 18, becoming the youngest surfer to do so at the time. He then stunned the surfing world by declining his spot to mature a little as a surfer so he could be “a genuine world title contender”. Taj knew he would be back, and a year later he was. In his first year on tour TB took out the 1998 Rookie of the Year award. In 1999 he finished second behind Occy and used his runner-up trophy as a fruit bowl – second simply won’t do.

His 1998 flick Sabotaj was the first of a string of profile movies to hit our shelves, followed shortly after by Montaj which won Video of the Year at the prestigious 2002 Surfer Poll Awards. In 2005 he released his third movie Taj Burrow’s Fair Bits which again took surfing and surf videos in fresh and unexplored directions. More recently he has starred alongside Andy Irons and Joel Parkinson in Taylor Steele’s film Trilogy and made regular appearances in all of Steele’s revered surf film releases. His latest section in Billabong’s Still Filthy was one of his strongest, claiming the Surfer Poll Best Video Maneuver Award for a giant full rotation air reverse in Bali.

2009 was a rollercoaster year for Taj Burrow, despite consistently reaching the quarterfinal and semi final stages he failed to post an event win leading into the Billabong Pipeline Masters in Hawaii. While the surfing world sat on the edge of their seats to see rivals Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning go head to head for the world title, Taj slipped by unnoticed, cruising through the Pipe Masters draw to meet Kelly Slater in the final. With revenge on his mind he took the win, the biggest of his career, pocketing $90,000 and a spot in the history books. His win saw him finish in 4th on the year end ratings behind Bede Durbidge, Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning.

With 201 being Taj’s 14th year on tour, Taj is a dominant force to watch out for on tour.

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