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Surfing Walk of Fame's 'Woman of the Year' inductees.

Two ladies from Kauai are going to step into the Walk of Fame Thursday 7/25/13. Sharron Weber and Keala Kennelly. Congradulations from all of us here in Hawaii! Here's alittle of their stories. When you purchase your first surfboard from a reigning U.S. Champion, only good things can follow. This was the case when a 15-year-old Sharron Weber moved to Oahu from Virginia in 1963. Weber scooped up a used board from Linda Benson and set out on her own competitive quest.

Sharron Weber earned six Hawaii state titles during the late ’60s, finished runner-up to Margo Godfrey in the 1968 World Surfing Championships and won the U.S. titles in 1969 before taking two World Championships in 1970 and 1972. Her first came in Victoria, Australia and her second in San Diego. Despite all her accolades, Weber was never profiled in any of the surf magazines of that era....In 1973, Weber cancelled a trip to South Africa to compete due to the country’s apartheid policy and the government’s opposition to her “dark-skinned” Hawaiian teammates. Less than a year later, after a somewhat short-lived competitive career, Weber retired from professional surfing and opened a tire business on Kauai. A 2001 interview quoted her saying, “I only know three things – how to surf, how to change a tire and how to golf. 

Ala Moana 1966: (L to R) Third from left, Randy Rarick, Jackie Everly, Sharron Weber and Jock Sutherland

Contest at Huntington Beach, required that all the contestants wear helmets, which were issued before each heat. Many of the contestants objected very strongly to this requirement.

Sharron at Namotu.


Keala Kennelly was born August 13, 1978 in Kauai, Hawaii. Most surfer know her for her amazing ability, courage, and determination to ride the largest waves on the planet.

Keala busted into the world of surfing and turned professional in 1995. In 2003, she dominated heavy wave competitions in Tavarua and Teahupoo, took the Triple Crown in Hawaii and came in second in the ASP’s Women’s World Championship Tour. In 2005 she set a record at Teahupoo for riding the biggest tow in wave by a woman.

In 2007 she took a break from the World Championship Tour (WCT) to co-star in the HBO series John from Cincinnati. In 2001 she starred in the surfing documentary 7 Girls. She was also featured playing herself in the movie Blue Crush along with Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez. Blue Crush became a simulus for motivation of women surfing. She was also was in the movie Step Into Liquid.


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