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Surfer The Bar expanding to both U.S. coasts

Source Interlink Media’s Surfer magazine and Surf Concepts, an associated company of Salt Life Restaurant Group, recently announced a partnership to develop multiple Surfer [The Bar] locations along the East and West Coasts of the United States strategically placed in key beach communities.

Surfer magazine, an icon in the surfing industry for over 50 years, has licensed its brand to Surf Concepts through a long-term development deal. Surf Concepts will hold exclusive rights in the continental United States to open locations as stand-alone sites or co-branded sites with Salt Life Food Shack. Salt Life Restaurant Group currently has two restaurants and bars in Florida, with two more in development.

Surfer [The Bar] currently has its anchor location on-site at the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu, Hawaii’s North Shore. This location features a showcase for new talent, celebrity performers, screening rooms, live webcasting and great food.

“When we look for licensing partners, we seek out those who can extend our brands into relevant businesses” said Rick Stark, Vice President Sales, Brand Development for Source Interlink Media. “The success of the Salt Life concept makes us confident that we are in the perfect position for long-term success with Surfer [The Bar] from coast-to-coast.”

Initial focus for development will be on the East Coast; specifically locations in North, Central and South Florida, with expansion plans for California’s coast to follow. The restaurant concept will encompass a coastal atmosphere with the surfing lifestyle and culture.

“This relationship allows for many creative opportunities among the restaurant and surfing world.” said Greg Saig, Founder of Surf Concepts and Managing Partner of Salt Life Restaurant Group. “We are excited and confident about potential new partnerships and franchise possibilities that this collaboration provides. I grew up surfing and reading SURFER magazine, and I’m a tried and true restaurateur. It is only natural that these two worlds come together in one place for everyone to enjoy.”

Tony Perez, Publisher of SURFER magazine, adds, “I feel confident that Surf Concepts will continue the tradition of producing reputable restaurants where people can enjoy the SURFER magazine culture in addition to great food and drinks”.


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