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Surf culture honored at Kona Surf Film Festival

Mike Stewart, Haj, Chad Campbell, Mark Cunningham & Scott Soens © Giselle Images

The 8th annual Kona Surf Film Festival celebrates a huge night

 10 December, 2011 : - - The 8th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival really went off! I'm still a bit frazzled from the weekend, so I'm pretty sure that it was the busiest and best year we've had. By quite a margin. Yeah. We had a bunch of movies on two screens, visits from Shane Dorian, Rob Machado, Mike Stewart Mark Cunningham, and Mayor Billy Kenoi.

We had music from Leche De Tigre, Kimie Miner, and a surprise jam mashup from members of Pepper and Iration. We had art and breakdancers and beer and food and the overall mellow chaos that is the Kona Surf Film Festival.

We had no program, and a very flexible schedule. To the dislike of some. We'll fix that next year I promise. I ran around and put out various little fires like filling the space of a projector failure during Rob Machado's the Drifter by raffling some skateboards. I forgot to thank sponsors and give away some stuff. But I remembered a lot more and we gave away a #$%^load of stuff! My sister Keli killed it up front with our team of volunteers and Haj ran the Sustainable Sunshine Art Show like a champ.



Outdoor screenings in Kona a big hit © Giselle Images


The Crew at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows were super cool and helpful, even when they had to shut down the afterparty when it got too "After". Bree Dallwitz was a PR machine and got the word out to the people. And they came. It was all nuts. But we pulled it off! Mostly at least.

So! I really just want to say thanks to the crew, and and also on behalf of the crew! To everyone who came and to all the sponsors who helped out! Most especially I'd like to give a big thanks to Nike who kicked down so much gear and support, to Kona Boys, Kona Brewing Company and Alaska Airlines, who all stepped it up huge, to Hurley who every year is so so helpful, to LAVA 105, Surfers Village and the Surfer's Journal for really helping to spread the word about the Fest.

To the Endurance Conspiracy for their sick t-shirt art, to FIRN for hosting the art side of it, to Tombomb for providing the crew support, and to the musicians, filmmakers, and artists who made the Festival possible… And mostly, thanks to everyone who showed up and supported! We really really appreciate it! Oh yeah, we raised a couple grand for the Seathos Foundation, and….. I think that's it.. Oh I got to surf by myself on Friday morning, the morning of the first day of the Fest, and i remember thinking "this is a good sign".. I think I was right.


Kimie Miner © Giselle Images

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