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Guinness World Records confirm Garrett McNamara's Nazaré wave as the biggest ever

Garrett McNamara has officially surfed the biggest wave ever. The Guinness World Records have confirmed that McNamara has ridden a 78-foot wave (23,7 metres) in Nazaré, Portugal, to dethrone Mike Parsons and his wave at Cortes Bank.

The announcement was made during the 2012 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards and confirms what has reported in November 2011, right after the incredible stunt in the Nazaré Canyon.

The Portuguese wave was not immediately seen as the biggest ever to be surfed. Several international sources, magazines and personal lobbies were at stake and it was clear that Europe and its waves were under heavy fire. Justice has been done.


Nathan Fletcher nails the XXL night and Garrett McNamara confirms the World Record and more....

photo: JP Van Swae. Nathan Fletcher and Garret McNamara, 2011/12's BIG-WAVE Surfing Kings.

The house was packed at The Grove in Anaheim Nathan Fletcher humbly accepted his XXL Award for Ride of the Year for his historic wave at Teahupoo. Towed into it by Makua Rothman in August 2011.

"When you catch a wave like this they don't give you public speaking lessons," stammered Fletcher, searching his pocket for his "notes."

"Nathan should win because anybody that can survive what he did deserves Ride of the Year," claimed Garrett McNamara who was also in contention for the award and earlier in the night won top prize for a world record 78-foot wave (12' less than the original estimate) he was towed into off the coast of Portugal on Nov. 1, 2011.


Best in the Biz: Art Brewer gets 40-year retrospective

Pic: Shane Dorian, Hollow Trees Mentawais Islands 1999 © Art Brewer

Surf News, 4 May, 2012 : - - New York -- School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents 'Art Brewer: Surf Evolution,' a retrospective celebrating the work of legendary surf photographer Art Brewer, who has spent four decades documenting and shaping surf culture around the globe. The exhibition is presented by the Arts Abroad Program at SVA, where Art Brewer teaches a course in Action Surf Photography in Rincon, Puerto Rico. 'Art Brewer: Surf Evolution' will be on view at the SVA Gallery, 209 East 23 Street, New York City, from June 8 – 30, 2012.


Peter Mel crowned 2011/2012 Big Wave World Champ in town for the QS Waikiki SUP Paddlefest

Peter Mel was officially awarded the Big Wave World Tour Title in Newport Beach, CA on Sunday, April 29th 2012. The ceremony was held aboard the Eternity, a 140ft luxury yacht, and featured music by local band The Barnwell Shift. Approximately 150 people were in attendance including, 2x ASP Champ Tom Carroll, 10x Molokai to Oahu Paddle Champ Jamie Mitchell, Dana Rohrabacher, U.S. Representative for the California 46th Congressional District andGuest of honor, Dick Brewer, who was acknowledged for his lifetime achievement of big wave surfboard design.


MVP Gabriel Medina Wins with domination...details coming.

Gabriel Medina surfed a near-perfect event.

Surf News, 5 May, 2012 :Lower Trestles -- The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Prime Nike Lowers Pro returned to the fabled California pointbreak of Lower Trestles for the third consecutive day and saw young Brazilian talent Gabriel Medina (BRA), 18, lead his fellow ASP World Championship Tour competitors in posting the day’s top scores.

Gabriel Medina unveiled his progressive wizardry on the lefthand ramps of Lowers launching the highest scores of Nike Lowers Pro competition. The high-flying Brazilian took top honors, winning his Round of 48 heat and went on to take the day’s highest single-wave score of 9.87 for a huge air-reverse while surfing a near-perfect heat of 19.53 out of 20 in his Round of 24 bout.

Note: 1st heat likely to start 5-6am Saturday HI time.


Power surfing also rewarded on Day 2 of Nike Lowers Pro

Surf News, 2 May, 2012 : - - Lower Trestles -- The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) PRIME Nike Lowers Pro returned to the high-performance pointbreak of Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California in two-to-four foot waves today. In an event often dominated by aerials, today’s action saw power-surfers earn the day’s top scores amidst standout performances from an array of international competitors.

Taylor Knox (Carlsbad, CA), 40, has infamously struggled with wave-starved heats at Lower Trestles over the years and his Round 2 heat at the Nike Lowers Pro proved to be no different. In the dying minutes of the heat, a flurry of waves graced the Lowers lineup and Knox wasted little time, carving up the highest single-wave score of the day with his signature arcing turns of 9.57 out of 10 en route to his Round 2 victory.


Ocean waves boost human happiness

Ocean and waves have a very positive impact in the emotional health of human beings. The European Centre for Environment and Human Health has studied over 2,750 participants and has concluded that a simple walk along the beach or coastal area is enough to boost positive feelings.

Scientists found that all outdoor locations were associated with good vibes, but visits to the coast were most beneficial and visits to urban parks least beneficial.

This finding remained when the researchers took account of factors like people’s age, how far they had travelled, the presence of others and the activity they undertook.


KonaRed Team Ambassador 10X World Paddling Champ Jamie Mitchell at the QS Waterman Waikiki Paddlefest this weekend

The Waikiki Paddle Festival is a major new Stand Up Paddle event presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection.

It’s all happening on the 5th and 6th of May on the beautiful sands of Waikiki.

Click to get all the Waikiki Paddle Festival race info (format, course layout, prize money and more…).

Or simply just WATCH the video below of Jamie Mitchell and Peter Mel announcing the Waikiki Paddle Festival. The video contains a tonne of info about the event, including the exciting new race format and the big prize purse that’s on offer.


Iconic 10X Paddle Board Champ, Big Wave Charger Jamie Mitchell Talks Story at Surfer the Bar tonight, Wednesday

Talk Story Series ftg. KonaRed Ambassador Jamie Mitchell| Hosted by Jodi Wilmott
Doors open at 6p – Show starts at 8p
$5 Donation to charity
Australia’s Jamie Mitchell is a defending 10x world champion paddleboarder, decorated big wave rider, and dedicated ocean athlete. Growing up on the Queensland Gold Coast, Mitchell was a state champion swimmer who turned his back on the pool to find international success in the ocean and on the waves. His professional dedication to training and technique is legendary in the world of watermen, and his affable personality have made him a favorite around the globe. Jamie is in Hawaii this week to launch his movie and compete in the Quiksilver Waterman Waikiki Paddle Festival.


Oceanic 250. The 250K Nike Lowers Pro returns to Lower Trestles, San Clemente, Calif., May 1-5, for the fifth consecutive year.

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) PRIME contest is one of only two events of the highest caliber on the US Mainland this year, and touts a $250,000 prize purse with a highly coveted one-of-a-kind 14-karat gold railroad spike trophy worth more than $30,000.

“Lowers has been an instrumental part in building Nike’s legacy in surfing and in the progression of the sport,” says Zach Boon, Nike Action Sports North American Brand Manager. “It’s an honor to be in our fifth year of this heritage event, and we look forward to elevating the stage for the surfers yet again.”


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