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The best bodyboarding tricks in the world

Tom Morey and Mike Stewart are the most influential names in the development of bodyboarding as popular and global board sport. When Morey cut a rectangular shape of polyethylene foam and covered it with newspaper he was inventing a new way of riding waves.

In the next four decades, a man called Mike Stewart gave a professional pulse and rhythm to the art of bodyboarding and added several new tricks, moves and maneuvers.

Modern bodyboarding has opened new frontiers on the face of the wave. Whether you're spinning in a small wave or flying high above the crest of a wedge, that's all seen as performance and progressive bodyboarding.


Web Series Documents the Incredible Work & Uncertain Road for Partially Paralyzed Cinematographer and Life Saver, Mike Prickett.

Mike Prickett ©

Surf News, 24 May, 2012 :, the philanthropic media organization and multi-media arm of the Annenberg Foundation, has launched a special web video series, photo gallery and community web site today that chronicles the extraordinary life, work, and current struggle with paraplegia of world renowned ocean cinematographer, Mike Prickett (Hawaii).

On March 14, 2012, while filming underwater on location off the coast of an atoll in French Polynesia, Mike saw a diver below him in distress. Acting instinctively, Mike helped the diver make an emergency ascent but in the process was partially paralyzed from a severe case of the bends.


With all this wind and chop and below seasonal averages here's something to make you sicker.

"This is my favourite surf movie which was filmed in the mentawai islands. The surfers surf the spots HT's, Raggs, Greenbush....
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He cut out the interviews but at some points the voice overlaps with the surf footage, its just the surfers beeing interviewed in french

John Florence is cursed. Cursed by all the terrible possibilities that face a prodigy of his mould.

Everyone's crushing on John right now. Photo: LifeWithoutAndy

World Domination for Dummies...A superb interview with Stab Mag!

John Florence is cursed. Cursed by all the terrible possibilities that face a prodigy of his mould. Possibilities like world domination. His style is totally raw and uncoached! Can you believe it? He learnt it all on the North Shore, too, felt it out on the sand of Ehukai, then took it over to the reef at Pipe.


Sunny Garcia returns to pro surfing contests

Is Sunny Garcia back to the "official" pro surfing world? Apparently, yes. The legendary rider from the West coast of Hawaii has showed up at the 2012 Nike Lowers Pro and spoke to the surfing community, through the microphones of the VIP area.

One year ago, Sunny Garcia got a $10,000 fine and six-month suspension for his actions during a break at the Burleigh Breaka Pro, in Australia. Sunny Garcia's son and Jeremy Flores were surfing a few waves when an incident and  fight with a local rider took place.

The altercation was filmed and the Association of Surfing Professionals decided to disqualify Sunny and Flores from the event. In the following months, the Hawaiian was told that the fine could be reduced if he took anger management classes.


Talk Story Series ftg. Carissa Moore | Hosted by Jodi Wilmott only at Surfer, the Bar

Reigning ASP women’s world surfing champion from Honolulu, Moore is already a global icon at the age of 19. The first woman in surfing to be sponsored by international brands like Nike and Target, Carissa has pushed the sport’s limits since her pre-teen years. An honor roll graduate of Punahou, Carissa has combined intelligence, athleticism and a personable nature to take women’s surfing to unimaginable heights. And she has someone special in her life.


The Surf Teams Fundraiser Surf Sample Sale (Kamehameha Schools) is Saturday only!

You'll save big buck for a great cause! Win an autograph surfboard from World Champ Carissa Moore. Lots of cheap clothes, surfboard accessories, hats, board shorts, shoes, etc. Lots of parking. Event open to all and public.

RESULTS for the Local Motion Surf Into Summer 2012...

Click in for the officail results for The 27th Annual official kick off of summer...

Since 1977 Local Motion has been committed to perpetuating the surfing lifestyle. That means designing and building technically advanced products from surfboards to surf clothing to keep you surfing to the best of your ability. Surfing is all about having fun and we're dedicated to providing you all the tools so that your life can revolve around it.

The Hawaii Summer surf season officially begins each year with the Surf Into Summer Contest at Magic Island's Ala Moana Bowls. Three hundred and twenty five of the states top amateur competitors will be competed for trophies, prizes and bragging rights in what is considered Hawaii's premier amateur surf event. The contest showcases male and female talent, from keiki to Seniors, competing on shortboards, longboards and bodyboards.


Join the T&C ohana May 19-20 at Queen's surf break in Waikiki for a weekend full of surf, fun and sun.

T&C Surf is stoked to announce the 15th Annual T&C Surf / Surfer MagazineGrom Contest presented by Genki Sushi.

The event gives surfers age 12 and younger the opportunity to compete at one of the South Shore's premier surf breaks. Groms take to the waves at Queen's surf break in the shadow of the legendary Duke Kahanamoku statue at Kuhio Beach. T&C Surf produces the event each year to introduce young surfers to the world of competitive surfing in a less-intense setting. Only surfers age 12 and younger who are not ranked in NSSA or HASA standings are eligible.


Matt Meola and Albee Layer dont need your attention, they deserve it. Check this Video.

The Isle, Ep. 3. " Innersection" These guys are not just entertaining they're talented. 

Alfred Louis Layer IV
Age: 19

Hometown: Haiku on the island of Maui
Well I don’t have any main ones. Xcel, SOS shapes, and High Tech Surf Shop all help me out though.

Matt Meola
Age: 20
Birthday: 6.7.89
From: North Shore Maui


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