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Kelly & John John the only Americans in Top 10. Aussie frontrunners lead top 34 into Volcom Fiji Pro

Surf News, 28 May, 2012 : - - Cloudbreak, Fiji – The world’s best surfers will return to idyllic breaks of Cloudbreak and Restaurants next week for the highly-anticipated Volcom Fiji Pro, running from June 3 – 15, 2012.

Event No. 4 of 10 on the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour, the Volcom Fiji Pro returns the ASP Top 34 to the Fijian islands after a five-year hiatus, with the Australians currently lead the charge, occupying four of the Top 5 spots in the world.


Kelly's board fetches $8,000 in Bali cleanup effort

Surf News, last week 24 May, 2012 :  Bali, Indonesia -- The winning bid for 11-time World Champion surfer Kelly Slater’s surfboard was a whopping $4,000, which was matched as promised by another $4,000 from the champions own pocket for an $8,000 donation going to the ROLE Foundation, a Bali-based environmental organization that is actively engaged in the fight to clean up Bali.


Verizon Hawaii Surf Team Welcome Home Celebration “A Salute to the Duke from the Ambassadors of Aloha”

We are proud to announce the 2012 Verizon Hawaii Surf Team gold medal achievement at the World Junior Surfing Championships in Panama this past April 22. Our young boys and girls very well earned this feat with a sweaty stretch to the finish line.

The celebration, Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 at the Koa Lanai located on the water’s edge at the Outrigger Canoe Club Waikiki. Festivities commence at 5:30pm with music, pupus, drinks, and a slideshow upon arrival; the night will end by 9:00pm.


The Tour's craziest character, Matty Wilkinson wins Quiksilver Saquarema Prime

photo: Matt Wilkinson © ASP / Smorigo

Surf News, 27 May, 2012 : Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil -- In an all-Australian Final, Matt Wilkinson, 23, scored an outstanding 18.43 (out of a possible 20 points) for the event’s highest heat wave total to defeat Kai Otton, 32, in waves in the 3-5 foot range (1-1.5 meters) at the lefthand point break of Itauna, in Saquarema, Brazil. For his victory at the Quiksliver Saquarema Prime, Wilkinson takes home U$ 40,000 dollars in prize money and an additional 6,500 points towards his ASP World Ranking, which catapults him from 43rd place up to 17th.


One for our Youth and one for our Aina this Sunday 6pm

Turtle Bay and Surfer the Bar are 'bringin it' this Memorial Day Weekend. Please join us! The Mauli Ola Foundation exists to introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with genetic disorders. Since 2007 we have concentrated on the amazing connection between Surfing and Cystic Fibrosis. We have taken nearly 600 CF Patients Surfing at over 50 MOF Surf Experience Days. In 2011 we look to expand our program to help patients affected with Cancer and Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency. We appreciate your interest and would love for you to join the Mauli Ola Foundation Ohana by becoming a member and help us with our mission to help people with genetic disorders through Surfing.
Aloha, James Dunlop

The best bodyboarding tricks in the world

Tom Morey and Mike Stewart are the most influential names in the development of bodyboarding as popular and global board sport. When Morey cut a rectangular shape of polyethylene foam and covered it with newspaper he was inventing a new way of riding waves.

In the next four decades, a man called Mike Stewart gave a professional pulse and rhythm to the art of bodyboarding and added several new tricks, moves and maneuvers.

Modern bodyboarding has opened new frontiers on the face of the wave. Whether you're spinning in a small wave or flying high above the crest of a wedge, that's all seen as performance and progressive bodyboarding.


Web Series Documents the Incredible Work & Uncertain Road for Partially Paralyzed Cinematographer and Life Saver, Mike Prickett.

Mike Prickett © Explore.org

Surf News, 24 May, 2012 :  Explore.org, the philanthropic media organization and multi-media arm of the Annenberg Foundation, has launched a special web video series, photo gallery and community web site today that chronicles the extraordinary life, work, and current struggle with paraplegia of world renowned ocean cinematographer, Mike Prickett (Hawaii).

On March 14, 2012, while filming underwater on location off the coast of an atoll in French Polynesia, Mike saw a diver below him in distress. Acting instinctively, Mike helped the diver make an emergency ascent but in the process was partially paralyzed from a severe case of the bends.


With all this wind and chop and below seasonal averages here's something to make you sicker.

"This is my favourite surf movie which was filmed in the mentawai islands. The surfers surf the spots HT's, Raggs, Greenbush....
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He cut out the interviews but at some points the voice overlaps with the surf footage, its just the surfers beeing interviewed in french

John Florence is cursed. Cursed by all the terrible possibilities that face a prodigy of his mould.

Everyone's crushing on John right now. Photo: LifeWithoutAndy

World Domination for Dummies...A superb interview with Stab Mag!

John Florence is cursed. Cursed by all the terrible possibilities that face a prodigy of his mould. Possibilities like world domination. His style is totally raw and uncoached! Can you believe it? He learnt it all on the North Shore, too, felt it out on the sand of Ehukai, then took it over to the reef at Pipe.


Sunny Garcia returns to pro surfing contests

Is Sunny Garcia back to the "official" pro surfing world? Apparently, yes. The legendary rider from the West coast of Hawaii has showed up at the 2012 Nike Lowers Pro and spoke to the surfing community, through the microphones of the VIP area.

One year ago, Sunny Garcia got a $10,000 fine and six-month suspension for his actions during a break at the Burleigh Breaka Pro, in Australia. Sunny Garcia's son and Jeremy Flores were surfing a few waves when an incident and  fight with a local rider took place.

The altercation was filmed and the Association of Surfing Professionals decided to disqualify Sunny and Flores from the event. In the following months, the Hawaiian was told that the fine could be reduced if he took anger management classes.


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