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The Best Big Wave Freesurf paddle session in History

Freesurf Session Goes Off in Massive Cloudbreak After 2 Heats of The VolcomFiji Pro. 

After a week of intense storms in the Tasman Sea, giant lines of swell finally marched onto Cloudbreak reef off the island of Tavarua (Fiji) giving organizers of the Volcom Fiji Pro an opportunity to press the green light following three competition lazy days.

The last two heats of Round 2 entered the water to be greeted by some of the biggest and most spectacular waves ever seen in ASP history. Australian's Bede Durbidge and Adam Melling were the first test pilots and played cat and mouse throughout the heat. Durbidge edged out Melling with some committed hacks on the huge waves.


Postponed at 4pm HI time. Winds the issue for both reefs. 8-12' Cloud Break (12-20' faces).

 Incredible 2 heats and then it was off and on the rest of the day. We also had only one injury. There was some insane free sessions. More photos and video's to come. The world’s best surfers have returned to the crystal-clear shores of Cloudbreak and Restaurants on Fiji after a five-year hiatus. The window of opportunity for the revered Volcom Fiji Pro set for June 3-15, so stay tuned for the next round of the fourth event of the ASP World Championship Tour.


How to install a bodyboard leash plug

New bodyboards are usually marketed without the leash plug installed, so that you can select the place that best suits your wave riding style. Some riders prefer bodyboard leashes placed on the left side, others put it on the right side and there are bodyboarders who do install it centered, close to the nose.

Installing a bodyboard leash is fast and easy. You'll only need a pencil, a screwdriver, a lighter and a ruler. In five minutes, your new bodyboard will be ready to roll.


Special Date Thursday, June 7 Talk Story Series ftg. Dan Moore | Hosted by Jodi Wilmott Doors open at 6p | Show starts at 8p

$5 requested at door for charity of Dan’s choice | Event will also be streamed live....
In 1975, at age 18, Dan Moore migrated from the small waves of Florida to Hawaii’s big wave Mecca, encountering “near-death experiences almost daily”. He invested the next 30+ years into huge winter surf and, in 2004, towed into and rode the biggest wave in history: a 68-foot behemoth at Jaws, on Maui.


Top seeds dominate Round 2 of Volcom Fiji Pro

Surf News, 4 June, 2012 :  Cloudbreak Tavarua/Fiji -- Cloudbreak turned on once again for the world’s best surfers as the opening 10 heats of the elimination Round 2 of the Volcom Fiji Pro were completed in clean four-to-six foot (1 – 1.5 metre) waves at the primary event venue.

Event No. 4 of 10 on the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour, the Volcom Fiji Pro took advantage of the conditions on offer at Cloudbreak with the top seeds controlling the day’s tempo, taking nine wins from 10 heats.

Check the Live Coverage


June 9th...Today's the Day! Lets bring it all together for the Kids at Turtle Bay


June 9th at Turtle Bay on the Bay View Beach Lawn
From 1pm-Sunset

Turtle Bay Resort HERE will be the first fundraiser for the newly formed North Shore Ocean Education Coalition to support K-12 ocean education for school children and youth from Ka’a’awa to Waialua.

NORTH SHORE OCEAN FEST will include: Poster Contest awards for children K-12; Educational booths; Speakers; Films; Silent Auction; Keiki activities; Wyland fine art posters; Food; Vendor booths; Music/Hula and much, much more! Bring your family to this FREE event to benefit our keiki.


Hank Johns, SIMA Board Builder Committee Member, Industry Supplier Takes Pulse of Board Building

Surf News, 11 May, 2012 : - - When it comes to enhancing the ride, the board builders' quiver of tools has never been bigger. Thus for surfers today, there have never been as many options to choose from. Board builders keep tweaking traditional surfboard shapes, re-inventing new out-of-the-box shapes, designing smashing graphics, engineering with material nuances, and exploring dynamic new material combinations. The old standards have been tossed; surfboards will never be as simple as they once were.

Day 2 went off the hook: the World’s Best Light Up Pumping Cloudbreak. See Day 1 here: the Volcom Fiji Pro

photo:Mitch Coleborn © ASP / Scholtz

Volcom Pro Fiji...LIVE HERE

Surf News, 3 June, 2012 : Cloudbreak, Tavarua/Fiji -- The long-awaited return of the world’s best surfers to the iconic lefthander of Cloudbreak was realized today as the ASP Top 34 took on the open ocean reef pass for Round 1 of the Volcom Fiji Pro.
Event No. 4 of 10 on the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour, the Volcom Fiji Pro enjoyed solid six-to-eight foot (2 – 2.5 metre) waves at the primary venue of Cloudbreak today, and there was no shortage of action as the world’s best tore into the conditions on offer.


Volcom Fiji Pro Day One is Done. Likely to go tomorrow at 6am HI Time. Monday 8:30 Start Fiji Time : 22 hours ahead

Dont a second of it on line or on OC 250. The Surf is 5-8' clean, complicated and G Narly. Slater relegated to Rnd 2. 

CLOUDBREAK, Tavarua/Fiji (Sunday, June 3, 2012) – The world’s best surfers will return to the world-class, oceanic lefthander of Cloudbreak today for the commencement of the Volcom Fiji Pro.

Event No. 4 of 10 on the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour, the Volcom Fiji Pro began this morning at 8:30am Fiji yimr in six-to-eight-foot (2 – 2.5 metre or 8-15' face) waves at the primary venue of Cloudbreak.

Go live HERE


Mason finds fun warm-water waves on his Mayhem shapes

, 1 June, 2012 : - - Heres a pleasant one. Soft guitar with not-so-soft small waves. Mason Ho uses his magic contest board (the red Driver model by ...Lost) in shallow reef riddled Rockpile and other assorted Hawaii locations. Shoulder season on Oahu takes some creativity to find waves and Mason's got plenty of that. Video by Rory Pringle @ conceptblue.




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