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11 time World Champion Surfer, Kelly Slater, takes us back to his childhood

"Im able to get pretty much all of life's lessons out of it"

Kelly Slater, describing the era in surfing that he grew up in and how it differs from today's generations. He shares his personal thoughts on what surfing has taught him as an individual.

Kelly is so interesting because he is so varied in his approach to his life and his surfing and rather than being fatigued and consumed by his passion he has been clever enough to find ways of putting it to use it in other aspects of his life. His philosophy may not be to everyone's taste but it works for him and in the end that is all that really matters.


Bear Woznick, Author of 'Deep in the Wave' and da Boys go for a clean break on Fuel TV

The Clean Break crew finds their first challenge in the form of one of the most revered surf spots in the world, Hawaii's North Shore. The guys must put their fears aside and become one with the ocean to truly experience what Hawaii has to offer. The deal is this:  these buys are world class athletes here in Hawaii to go hard, go deep and get a clean break.  We can all learn from pushing our limits; what better way than through surfing. Bear Woznick, Author of 'Deep in the Wave' (out in July) acts as spiritual advisor and friend. Check the Video.


Hawaiian South Shore VSTR –(Visitor)Launch Party Saturday June 23 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Mauka Parking Lot

This will be an event for all ages! Come cruise with us.
Music and Movie; Clothing, Food, Non-alcohol mix drinks for sale
Win Prizes; Make sure you come hungry and ready to have Fun. More details? Go direct HERE


A mutant rogue 25' wave threatens lives and possibilities at Cloud Break.

This wave is at 4:00 minutes on the video and frankly steals the entire show all by itself. See what you think. Regardless, we now know what Cloud Break is capable of and its up to us mere humans to determine what we are capable of in her midst. This was a rogue or freak set where somehow the emmense ocean swell converged just right alone the reef. We may not see anything like it for years to come. The best big wave warriors were on due to postponement; there was a much higher probablity that someone on the tour would have died if they ran the contest and the Pros were thrust into this level of danger. The right call was made as was history.


Rochelle Ballard is featured at Surfer the Bar's Talk Story sesh this Thursday nite with Jodi Wilmot.

Rochelle Ballard is the premier female tube rider in the world and was without a doubt the gutsiest woman on the professional surfing World Championship Tour (WCT). She's captured virtually every award and accolade for more than a decade as a Team O'Neill rider. Catch an intimate evening with Rochelle this Wednesday. Log on HERE


The best goofy-footers of all time.

How do we know our surf stance? Surfing beginners have been asking this question for decades and the answer is always the same. If someone pushed you from behind which foot would you put in front? If "right" is the answer, then you're welcome into the extraordinary world of goofy-footers.


The Surfrider Foundation confirmed more than 120 official International Surfing Day events over 20 countries for ISD June 20th.

Mahalo for dropping in to give back to our blessing of nature: surf & surfing: The Surfrider Foundation announced today that on June 20th it will offer a special package for new and renewing members this International Surfing Day.

This year, supporters who join online at www.intlsurfingday.com or by calling the ISD Web-a-thon toll free hotline at 877-959-7873 on ISD have the option of signing up at one of three different membership levels:


Crystal shines at the Roxy Waikiki Classic, Kelia Moniz second....again! Wach the Video.

Check out the video of the Roxy Waikiki Classic yesterday on www.youtube.com/banzaibetty

Crystal won the event did a new maneuver Banzai Betty is calling the "Crystal", a toes on the nose, hang heels 360!

Final Results: 2012 All Military Surf Classic Presented by HIC, Quiksilver, and MWR-Pearl Harbor/Hickam.

Final Results: 2012 All Military Surf Classic
Presented by HIC, Quiksilver, and MWR-Pearl Harbor/Hickam.

The 2012 HIC-Quiksilver All Military Surf Classic was held Saturday, June 9th, at White Plains Beach in Kalaeloa, West Oahu. One hundred and fifteen Active Duty Military and Dependents competed in 1 to 3 foot surf in 15 divisions including Shortboard, Longboard and Active Duty categories.



When it comes to the current crop of up-and-coming North Shore rippers, Kalani Chapman is one of the best and most committed out there. Born on the Seven Mile Miracle and bred by its crew of elite surfers, Kalani has proven he is a force to be reckoned with by finishing 4th in the 2005 Pipe Masters and by coolly pulling into some of the nastiest beasts to roll through Pipe last winter. On November 16th 2007, he paddled out at maxing Second Reef on a three-inch thick 9’6" rhino chaser, shaped by uncle Owl. Story goes, he was supposed to wait for the swell of the year to paddle out on it. He sat outside long enough to get the set of the swell, angles into the beast, and holds his line through the meanest section in the business, flying out with gobs of spit. The wave was talked about for weeks as one of the heaviest in years.


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