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Hawaii and Puerto Rico Bringing Tested and Proven Power Surfers and Tuberiders to Nicaragua

A North Shore-tested barrel rider and a proven power surfer, six-time Triple Crown champ and former ASP World Champion, Sunny Garcia (HAW) should contend for his first ISA medal in Nicaragua. Photo: Geoff Ragatz

Four-Time ISA Champion Juan Ashton Leading Puerto Rico; Former ASP World Champion Sunny Garcia Making ISA Debut for Hawaii

Nicaragua ISA World Masters Surfing Championship
July 14 to 22, 2012
Colorado Beach at Hacienda Iguana, Nicaragua


HIC keeps on Enjoying the Ride, serving the KONA COMMONS community in Kailua-Kona Town.Stoked!

Hawaii’s biggest and best selection of surf gear is now in Kailua-Kona!
Don’t miss the Grand Opening Event of HIC’s eleventh store in the islands, and second location on
the Big Island. In the Kona Commons Shopping Center on Makala Blvd. near the Sports Authority
and Office Max. There will be plenty of good fun, great deals, and thousands in free prizes.


Kite surfers come to the rescue. Check KITV Paul Drewes story.

Here's life saver, Samuel Perez.

HONOLULU -Many kite surfers live to ride but, in a dramatic twist of fate, it is a kite surfing ride that saves the life of a man found unconscious in the middle of Kailua Bay.

When the wind's up, kite surfers converge on Kailua Beach. Monday afternoon 6/25, Sammie Perez Hults was one of those who launched his kite in the blustery conditions.
His ride around the bay then took a detour when he noticed a kite floundering on the water, while its rider lay motionless -- hundreds of yards offshore.

"I saw him floating upside down and thought maybe he was taking a rest. One second passed then two, and I realized he was not coming up," said Samuel Perez Hults, a Kailua kite surfer.


Thursday June 28 Talk Stories Series ftg. marathon SUP paddler Morgan Hoesterey | Hosted by Jodi Wilmott Doors 6p | Show 8P

At Surfer the Bar: go direct Surfer the Bar

$5 donation requested at door for charity
A 4x US Olympic swimming trialist, elite level standup paddler, zoologist and underwater photographer, Morgan’s love for the ocean stretches from cresting waves to sea floor. In 2008 she was the first woman to cross the 32-mile Molokai Channel on standup paddleboard.


COMING OF AGELESS • Irons family tree

COMING OF AGELESS • the ongoing volcom surf web series with the potential to be whatever it wants to be without a schedule • direct/cut: ryan thomas • producer: matt shuster.

A deeply personal glimpse into Bruce and great family moments..and of course, the Irons' Bros great surfing. In the Vid capture is AI back in 2005 and thats Andrew Axel Irons.


Hawaii cranks out victories and tons of results in the Surfing America USA Championships at Trestles Saturday

Photo: Billy Watts

The lush North Shore of Kauai has produced another young surfer oozing talent and potential in the form of Tatiana Weston-Webb. She keeps on winning. This time it was at the Final Day for the Surfing America USA Championships at Trestles.
She won both the 16 and 18 and under divisions. Tatiana Weston-Webb was the one and only kid to score a perfect 10 during the entire event after severely dismantling a lefthander.


Final Day for the Surfing America USA Championships at Trestles

Support our talents from Hawaii in the final day of 'The Surfing America USA Championships' : the leading event in American surfing; organizations that feed their top athletes up into the event include the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA), the Western Surfing Association (WSA), the Hawaii Surfing Association (HSA) and the Atlantic Surfing Federation (ASF). The event stands above all others thanks to the level of athletes competing, its world class venue, high caliber judging panels, live webcast, and exclusive use of four-person, twenty-minute heats. Go Live HERE


Kauai's Enigmatic Keala Kennelly sings deal with vodka brand

Keala Kennelly © Billabong

Surf News, 21 June, 2012 : - - Keala is a Kauai-born surfer who turned pro at age 17. She has accumulated so many awards/wins over her career, there are too many to mention, but her most recent awards include 1st place at the Nelscott Reef Big Wave invitational 2010, winning the Billabong Girls Best VBILLABONG GIRLS BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD in 2011, and her fantastic 2nd place finish in the Bud Light Lime Surf Series June 3, 2012.

Since being the first woman surfer to tow in at Teahupoo in 2005 Keala has focused heavily on Big Wave surfing, recently catching what is arguably the best barrel ever ridden by a female surfer at Teahupoo during the Code Red swell of 2011. In addition to her career as a pro-surfer, Keala also is an accomplished actor, having played key roles in the movies Blue Crush and Step into Liquid, and starred as Kai in the HBO series John from Cincinnati. When she's not surfing or acting, Keala also is a DJ.


11 time World Champion Surfer, Kelly Slater, takes us back to his childhood

"Im able to get pretty much all of life's lessons out of it"

Kelly Slater, describing the era in surfing that he grew up in and how it differs from today's generations. He shares his personal thoughts on what surfing has taught him as an individual.

Kelly is so interesting because he is so varied in his approach to his life and his surfing and rather than being fatigued and consumed by his passion he has been clever enough to find ways of putting it to use it in other aspects of his life. His philosophy may not be to everyone's taste but it works for him and in the end that is all that really matters.


Bear Woznick, Author of 'Deep in the Wave' and da Boys go for a clean break on Fuel TV

The Clean Break crew finds their first challenge in the form of one of the most revered surf spots in the world, Hawaii's North Shore. The guys must put their fears aside and become one with the ocean to truly experience what Hawaii has to offer. The deal is this:  these buys are world class athletes here in Hawaii to go hard, go deep and get a clean break.  We can all learn from pushing our limits; what better way than through surfing. Bear Woznick, Author of 'Deep in the Wave' (out in July) acts as spiritual advisor and friend. Check the Video.


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