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2 of the 4 Hawai'i Waterman Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees

C4 Waterman Co-Founders Brian Keaulana and Archie Kalepa to be Inducted into Duke Kahanamoku Hawaii Waterman's Hall of Fame

HONOLULU, Hawaii (August 17, 2012) –– C4 Waterman co-founders, Brian Keaulana and Archie Kalepa join the list of world-renowned watermen and women when they are honored by the Duke Kahanamoku Hawaii Waterman’s Hall of Fame on Thursday, August 23rd at the Waikiki Outrigger Canoe Club. 
The Waterman’s Hall of Fame acknowledges recipient’s legacies and all that they have represented to Hawai‘i’s ocean sports community. Other recipients this year include famed big-wave surfer and oceanographer Ricky Grigg and Michael Tongg, an instrumental leader in the growth of canoe paddling statewide.


Lets join Bethany Hamilton, Tom Curren, Rob Machado, CJ Hobgood as we the Surf Community “Paddle for Daisy” on Sept. 1

Join the Surf Community in the “Paddle for Daisy” on Sept. 1 in Support of

Al Merrick’s Eight-Year Old Granddaughter as She Battles Cancer for the Third Time.


It's been a bad summer of surf. We wanna rub it in... Watch this...

Someday the World Tour must get back to Bali. The Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang in its ninth year is Indonesia’s longest-running surfing competition and the only ISC tour event featuring top international surfers alongside Indonesia’s best.The field of 32 surfers is split equally between 16 of Indonesia’s all-time greatest and 16 of the world’s best barrel riders. This invitational format, along with the allure of the wave at Padang and a $10,000 prize purse, makes the Rip Curl Cup the most anticipated event of the Indonesian surf season.


It's ON LIVE. Today kicks off event 5 as the World's best gear up for the Billabong Pro Tahiti.

Michel Bourez © ASP / Kirstin

Surf News, 16 August, 2012 :  The Billabong Pro Tahiti will host the ASP Top 34 for the 5th of 10 stops on the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour, and with swell forecast for opening day, it’s likely that the world’s best surfers will do battle as early as tomorrow. Michel Bourez (PYF), 26, current No. 17 on the 2012 ASP WCT ratings, is one of the heavy favorites at Teahupo’o in any conditions, but the powerful Tahitian

“For me, I treat this event like any other,” Bourez said. “Sure, there is an advantage to growing up here and having an event here. I’m comfortable out at Teahupo’o, but the guys in the Top 34 are all very good. Every heat is a challenge and I’m taking every round seriously.” Bourez will take on Gabriel Medina (BRA), 18, and Adam Melling (AUS), 27, in Round 1 of competition.


It's ON! The 11th annual Duke's OceanFest will be held at venue sites throughout Waikiki, from Wednesday, August 18, through Sunday, August 26.

The 8-day event features a variety of ocean sports that were close to Duke Kahanamoku's heart: Longboard Surfing - Paddleboard Racing - Swimming - Tandem Surfing - Surf Polo - Beach Volleyball - Stand-Up Paddling, etc.

Duke's OceanFest is held each summer in Waikiki in honor of Hawaiian Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, who is remembered as the greatest waterman who ever lived, and Hawaii’s ambassador of Aloha. Among his many accomplishments, Duke Kahanamoku was an Olympic gold medal swimmer; a surfer; an esteemed canoe steersman; a Hollywood actor; and the Sheriff of Honolulu.


Shark Week from 8/11:Twenty Five facts about sharks...

Shark News, 11 August, 2012 :  Shark Week begins Sunday. One of the great human stories for thousands of years is the individual facing something this grand and awesome yet also this mysterious and frightening. One response is to fight it. Another is to just stand there and be reverent. And that is why Shark Week never loses its appeal with viewers

Last year, the summer programming phenomenon of Discovery Channel attracted 26.6 million viewers. The Shark Week specials get up close and personal with these amazing predators. The encounter puts emphasis on education - on understanding how much we've learned about sharks and how much we still can learn.


Surfer Mag - How to Surf Teahupoo with Michel Bourez

Michel Bourez, feeling right at home at the end of the road. Photo: Joli

Jeff Mull: Teahupoo has gained a reputation for handing out some of the world’s best barrels and worst beatings—often you’ll find both in the same session. If watching the upcoming Billabong Pro Tahiti inspires you to test yourself at the ferocious wave, we recommend reading the following words of advice from local expert Michel Bourez first. If you’re still chomping at the bit, make sure both your SURFER subscription and life insurance policy have been renewed before you book your flight.


ASP WCT No. 1 Mick Fanning Readies for Billabong Pro Tahiti, Early Swell Forecast but just 5 feet SSW. Tons of Hawaii talent for trials starting 8/11-8/14

TEAHUPO’O, Taiarapu/Tahiti (Saturday, August 11, 2012) – The world’s best surfers are converging on the planet’s heaviest lefthander next week for Stop No. 5 of 10 on the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour, the Billabong Pro Tahiti, to be held from August 16 – 27, 2012 at the infamous South Pacific reef pass of Teahupo’o.

Following last year’s historic installment of the event, ultimately won by reigning 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA), 40, and featuring a barrier-breaking tow-in session dubbed ‘Code Red’, the surfing world eagerly anticipates the return of this season’s Billabong Pro Tahiti and the impact it will have on the 2012 ASP World Title race.


Malia Manuel is one of the Final 12 include Courtney Conlogue, Laura Enever, Sage Erickson & Rebecca Woods

Surf News, 10 August, 2012 : The Association of Surfing Professionals 6-Star Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro returned to Oceanside Pier for day two of competition and saw a day of dominant performances from ASP Women’s WCT surfers. The Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro’s Round of 80 format represents the largest qualifying event for the 2013 ASP WCT and is also the only women’s qualifying event on the 2012 ASP North America schedule.

Courtney Conlogue (Santa Ana, CA), 19, built momentum in her Round of 24 heat, opening her assault with two 7-point rides and went on to blast the day’s highest scores. The talented Californian went on to net the day’s highest single wave score of a near-perfect 9.70 out of 10 for an impressive frontside air and competed her campaign with a combined 17.40 heat total while advancing to the Round of 12.


Meet Maui's Ian Walsh's and the Family Of Big Wave Charging Surfers -- Ep 2

Pro surfer Ian Walsh is the oldest of 3 brothers, all of who have followed closely in his footsteps and found themselves in the lineup at some of the heaviest waves in the world. In episode 2 of "The Ian Walsh Experience" meet the twins Shaun and D.K. as they show their approach to big-wave training through MMA, free diving, and motocross. With Ian's help, Shaun and DK have become a fixture in the lineup at Jaws and a never-ending source of comedy on land.


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