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off 9/15. on 9/28

Who wants to see big, perfect Fiji again? You do!

Surf News : This footage is mesmerizing. Thanks to Nick Pollet for putting this awesome edit together. It’s hard to fathom how truly massive and perfect these waves are, particularly the wave at the 2:44 mark. Even if somebody was in position, I don’t know they would have wanted anything to do with that wave or if they did if they could even catch it. There is no doubt that this is the swell and conditions that will live on in history one of the greatest if not the greatest session of all time.

We posted blog titled the “Best Wave Never Ridden” back in June, but I’ve change my mind. The wave at 2:44 is hands down the biggest, best and most perfect wave never ridden.


Checkout this story about an unwanted Labor Day party guest


We all know sharks are out there, but pray to never run in to one, but 2 run-ins in the last couple weeks?  Check out the report of the most recent one this past Labor Day weekend out at Yokohama bay.  A free diver had an encounter with a 13 ft. tiger shark that tried to get his fish before he swam in.  At the end of the clip is another diver's encounter recently as well.  


Guess who is getting lickens' at the Wedge?

Surf News, 7 September, 2012 : - - The Wedge is an abnormality of a wave that occurs once or twice a summer in Newport Beach, California. Normally a bodysurfing spot too dangerous to surf, Jamie O'Brien challenged these waves during a massive south swell on September 1, 2012. This unique surf session showcased the extraordinary talent of one the world's top surfers at one of the most legendary breaks in the US. Watch the battle and hear from the master himself.


El Nino conditions likely to develop during September. Could mean more and bigger storms this winter.

Surf News, 6 September, 2012  ENSO-neutral conditions continued during August 2012 despite above-average sea surface temperatures (SST) across the eastern Pacific Ocean. Reflecting this warmth, most of the weekly Niño index values remained near +0.5°C. The oceanic heat content (average temperature in the upper 300m of the ocean) anomalies also remained elevated during the month, consistent with a large region of above-average temperatures at depth across the equatorial Pacific.


Duke gets his own YouTube channel, well, sort of

Surf News, 6 September, 2012 : Through education and outreach Surfing Heritage Foundation tells surfing's story and brings its rich lore to life. Now Surfing Heritage Foundation is making significant gains realizing its digital future by launching two innovative initiatives that will allow public access to their outstanding holdings of material documenting surf culture.

Surfing Heritage Foundation has the largest collection of surfboards, photographs, and artifacts relating to surf culture anywhere as well as a video oral history project preserving the legacy of the culture.

A new SHF TV Channel on YouTube presents films and video oral histories drawn from the extensive SHF digital film archive. The channel is also designed to encourage the public to share their own films by posting them to the site. These posts run the gamut from movies about favorite surf spots to "talk story" to surf music.


Banzai Betty's wrap up of the HIC Pro at the Dukes Oceanfest

The Dukes Oceanfest in Waikiki hosted the ASP Hawaiian Island Creations Pro Jr. Women. Surf was small but the girls ripped it up. Mahina Maeda, 16, from Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii won the check and the points.


Talk Story Series ftg Kirk Lee Aeder, hosted by Jodi Wilmott this Thursday night at Surfer the Bar

Doors open at 6p | Talk Story at 8p
$5 suggested donation to charity
From the Big Island of Hawaii, Kirk Aeder is an author and photographer specializing in scenic, sports, and lifestyle imagery. Kirk has been a contributing photographer/writer to Surfer Magazine since 1977. His work has graced a multitude of magazine covers. Kirk’s new book combines his photography and writing to tell the truly unique story of surfing legend Chris O’Rourke: CHILD OF THE STORM: How an Angry Young Man Formed a Bond With the Sea and Changed Our Lives Forever. Kirk will talk about his book and share the details of O’Rourke’s tragic yet redeeming life and why it’s a story we should know.


Slater sat early in Tahiti and now sits at 4 on the back half of 2012 with 5 more events. But remember...Surfer Kelly Slater's wave of success is as big as ever.

Slater is not only the most successful surfer ever (11 world titles), but he's also one of the most accomplished athletes ever. And at 40, he's surfing as well as he ever has.

But this is not likely whats going on inside his genious brain. He's not used to losing early esp at Teahupoo. He is however used to coming from behind and nabbing victories. More than any surfer in History. Here's a look into one of Sports most dominant figures ever.


Mason Ho on a stock 5'0 x 19.5 x 2.18 Bottom Feeder. , filmed by Rory Pringle

Mason Ho rips and doesnt matter what he's riding. But this time its the 'bottom feeder'. Check it out.

WHAT'S IN YOUR iPOD? every single good rap song from 1986 to 2001. like snoop, nwa, ice cube, 2pac, nate dog, eazy e, dr. dre, geto boys, daz dilinger, warren g, comptons most wanted, 5th ward boyz, 40 theves, bush wick bill, The game, 8ball, mike jones, slim thug, jim jones, andre nickatina, big mike, big syke,crips &bloods, spider loc...wayy too much to name...

GOALS? To be bigger and better then my dad and uncle combined- Hates doing the dishes.


For our Friend & Big Wave Warrior, Cody Brian Shumway R.I.P.

His life and the stories are amazing and you will hear about this accomplished human being Sunday.

Cody Brian Shumway, 34, of Haleiwa HI and Hemet, CA passed away July 26, 2012. Cody was born in Salt Lake City UT on October 30, 1977. He was a High School Math Teacher on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu. Cody grew up in Hemet, CA and graduated from Hemet High School and attended UC Santa Barbara. He transferred to Hawaii Pacific University to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. He obtained his teaching credential at BYU Hawaii. Cody recently completed an MBA Degree at the University of Phoenix. Cody also achieved the highest rank in Scouting: the Eagle Scout award.


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