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Day 3 is on for Round DAY 2 highlights - Hurley Pro - 2012

Brett Simpson put in a commanding performance against Kieren Perrow, winning the heat by three points, the second largest margin of round two.

What kind of day was it at Lowers? Of the 12 heats surfed in round two of the Hurley Pro, six were decided by less than half a point, and there wasn't one blowout.

If you were a conspiracy theorist, you could question why local boys Pat Gudauskas and Kolohe Andino weren't still in the contest.

But no theorizing needed. Jeremy Flores may have been overscored a touch on his 9.43, and Gudauskas perhaps underscored given the commitment with which he surfed his two high-scoring rides. But not being able to catch a break -- besides stomping what Kelly Slater called the drop of the year at Cloudbreak -- seems to be a common theme for Gudauskas this season. He has had very few things go his way, which is a bummer given how much passion he puts into it.

"In the end it's surfing, and what are you going to do? The sun's still shining," noted patriarch of the Gudauskas clan, Tom. And you wonder where the boys beaming optimism comes from?


Day 2 is ON plus catch day details for the Hurley Pro Trestles: World’s best shine in Round 1


Local boys getting "Electric" in new surf vid

"Electric Wilderness!" is the latest surf movie featuring Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Jack Freestone, Clay Marzo, Andrew Doheny and Dillon Perillo.

The 23-minute surf film was shot entirely on location deep in the Sumatran jungle. Filmed by Ryan Perry and Adam Klevin, "Electric Wilderness!" showcases the best of the new school surfing generation. Deep barrels, huge aerial repertoire and powerful turns.


Fuel your surf stoke with a killer new surf vid

Watch the full length version of Analog’s newest surf video, Chromatic. Starring Nathan Fletcher and Chippa Wilson, if you’re a fan of big airs and even bigger barrels, take the 20+ minutes to view this bad boy now.


Surfer poll returns, launches new voting system

 Surf News, 13 September, 2012 : 2012 brings an election year for America and another chance to “elect” the year’s top surfers in the 43rd annual SURFER Poll. Each year, SURFER Poll allows readers to cast their vote for their 10 favorite male and five favorite female athletes who will be honored during the exclusive awards ceremony at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu during the Triple Crown of Surfing. The voting window is now open and extends until October 31st for the 2012 SURFER Poll, a tradition recognized as the only awards in surfing that are completely decided by YOU.


Catching up with Reef McIntosh


With summer ending, it won't be long until those first NPAC swells start filtering down to Hawaii. What better time to check out one of the North Shore's hardest charging surfers, Reef McIntosh.

Some job titles are very specific. An employer expects one thing of you. For Reef McIntosh, that job is to go ride Pipeline ...Well, that and manage the Quiksilver house directly in front of Pipeline.


The history of the famous surfing shaka sign

The Shaka sign is the famous surfers' hand gesture. The story of the popular sign goes back to the roots of Hawaiian culture.

When the surf culture grew and spread through California and America, during the sunny 1960's, a new body gesture was gaining enthusiasts. Surfers from Hawaii started saluting fellow riders and friends with an original hand sign.


Actually, no joke...this Saturday it's everyones day to help all around the globe. Mahalo for taking part...

The event is getting bigger and bigger and we are truly excited. If all goes to plan, Kailua will be left cleaner than it’s been in years as a result of the community coming out and showing their love for the beach. The event afterwards is gonna be rad. We’ve got multiple bands, DJ LEON, games, food, keiki tent and now a live yoga session to pop in on for free. Please carpool, walk, bike, skate, or shimmy. Let’s try not to have too many cars in Lanikai as parking is tight and traffic can get ugly. If you have any questions please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

International Coastal Cleanup Day is a worldwide effort to reduce marine debris on coastlines while also educating participants about conservation, reduction of single use plastics, and more. Big Thanks to the Ocean Conservancy for promoting this event.


Its ON as of 630am HI time. The 2012 Hurley Pro Sunday Sept. 16 at Lowers in a head high SSW.

2012 is an important year for the Hurley Pro. Not just because Kelly Slater — the most dominant surfer of all time at Trestles — is chasing his 50th win. Not just because we’re at a turning point in a tight title race or the fact that we have great things in store on site and online. No. The truth is the 2012 Hurley Pro is important because we get to witness a revolution in the making.  GO LIVE HERE


The best tube riders of all time or at least 50 of them...

The most experienced tube riders in the world have enjoyed long, difficult, hollow, deep and perfect barrels. Who are they and how complicated is to get pitted?

Getting barreled in a wave is the ultimate dream of every surfer. If tube riding could be taught in the university, it would be the hardest exam. In this case, if you fail it's wipeout time over the falls.

Surfing the tube is a sensorial experience. Tube riders contemplate the cave with their eyes, hear the spray and power of wave with their ears, touch the wave face with their hand and even smell the salted flavour of ocean water when you're spitted.

The tube ride demands practice and quality waves, too. Usually, you're not allowed to get cover for a long time. The circular curtain of salted water is fast and demands timing and momentum.


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