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Full Movie Friday - Presents - "#NOFILTER" - Enjoy!!


After an epic premiere party at this year's U.S. Open of Surfing, Fox is pleased to offer up their full-length film "No Filter" for your viewing pleasure. 

The flick stars Bede Durbidge, Jesse Merle-Jones, Eric Geiselman, Ian Walsh, Keanu Asing, Damien Hobgood, and others. With such a diverse team of riders, this film's got something for everyone. Go over here to get your eyeballs on it.


Shaper Interview Series - Mark Richards talks shaping, his 4 world titles, and Slater

Mark Richard's inteview at the International Surfboard Exhibition\

Surf News - - Mark Richards became the first and only man to claim four professional world championship titles in consecutive years, along with countless other surfing victories and accolades. He has also been awarded an honorary degree from the University of Newcastle. 


The 2nd & 3rd installment of "Multiple Personality Disorder"

Our pals over at Arnette Sunglasses have a little web series titled "Multiple Personality Disorder," which just unveiled its second & third episode. The series follows a couple of their riders--Josh Kerr, Mason Ho, Chippa Wilson, Zeke Lau, and Nathan Fletcher--as they punt their way around Central and South America. This latest episode sees the crew seek out some tubes in Nicaragua.


What could be better than a Dad and his Daughter surfin?

One of the planet's cutest little girls, Blake is doing her thing at Chuns Reef, North Shore Oahu. She's so stoked but we dont who's more stoked...cause Dad's right there to share!

Check out this grass roots down home country video and see what its all about...and Blake ripping like a natural...

ps..."Please be sure to comment she loves for me to read to her all the support and it encourages her to push to the next level." Dad Brian Bowman


Legendary surfboard shaper Donald Takayama has passed away at 68, due to heart attack.

Donald Takayama was born in 1944, in Waikiki, Hawaii. As a young surfer he finished runner-up in the United States Surfboard Championships in 1966 and 1967.

Takayama participated in several surf movies. "Surf Crazy" (1959), "Barefoot Adventure" (1960) and "The Seedling" (1999) brought his skills to the general public, by the hand of filmmakers like Bruce Brown and Thomas Campbell.

The surfboard shaping career started very early, when Donald was only 12 years old and traveled to Los Angeles to shape planks at Velzy/Jacobs Surfboards. After working at Weber Surfboards, Takayama kicked of his surfboard brand.

"It wasn't like it is today where – materials were simply not available. You really had to scrape the bot­tom or beat the alleyways to get anything. We made paipos out of plywood, just so we could ride a wave", Donald Takayama once told Liquid Salt magazine....


Legendary Surfer and Shaper Donald Takayama passes away Monday morning.

Donald Takayama passed away at 68 monday morning from a heart attack due to medical complications. More details forthcoming. For now our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out Donald's family.
Herein is an interview from the Surfing Heritage Foundation. Don­ald Takayama is a leg­endary surfer/shaper born in Hawaii. After work­ing with Dale Velzy at the age of 11, Don­ald quickly became a world-renowned shaper as well as a top ranked surf­ing com­peti­tor. Over the last six decades, he has men­tored such surf­ing greats as David Nuuhiwa, Joel Tudor, and Kas­sia Meador. We spoke with Don­ald to learn more about his amaz­ing life....


How Good Is John John Florence?


Three quarters of the way through his first full season on the WCT, 19 year-old John John Florence is sitting on a win, two semi-final and two quarterfinal finishes. It's enough to boost the rookie up to fourth place on the World Championship points, but the scary thing is that he's well within striking distance of top spot.

But of course John John is much more than just a contest machine - his ability in both big, hollow barrels and in the air is right up there with the best in the business. Wanna see for yourself?


Surf Spotlight - Ezekiel Lau

Hawaii courses through the veins of 18-year-old budding superstar, Ezekiel Lau, or at least that’s what his high school says. Zeke – as he’s known - is a student at Kamehameha High School, one of several learning centers around the islands that cater purely to kids of native Hawaiian ancestry. Although still very young, it’s seen Zeke take a very serious stance toward the continuation and preservation of Hawaiian surf culture.  “When I get older for sure I want to come back and be able to give back to the kids in Hawaii and help all that new talent. I definitely wanna be a part of it,” he says.


Stand Up World Championships at Turtle Bay RESULTS

Kai Lenny secures an impressive win at Turtle Bay and his first World Racing Title

Kai Lenny (Naish) put on a dominant performance over the weekend to secure his first Racing World Championship Title ahead of a field of international powerhouses. Coming into Pacifico’s Stand Up World Series Finals at Turtle Bay leading the overall rankings for the year, (wearing the yellow jersey as a result), Kai knew that he had to finish strong at home in Hawaii to ensure that the first racing Title would be his.


The next stop on the ASP World Title hunt - O'neill Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz

The heart of Californian surfing and the birth of the modern wetsuit by Jack O'Neill. Santa Cruz offers classic surf in iconic surf peaks. The best surfers in the world are coming to town, in the O'Neill's 60th anniversary.

The O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2012 is the decisive stage of the ASP World Championship Tour. The event has been upgraded to the elite division of surfing and will certainly stay in the memory and history of surfing.

Jack O'Neill played a crucial role in the development of surfing, right from that mythical house at Pleasure Point.


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