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HIC PRO - Sunny Garcia Wins today! - Highlights from yesterday




The Hawaiian winter pro surf season officially began today with the $95,000 HIC Pro presented by Vans. The event enjoyed excellent 8-12 foot surf at Sunset Beach, setting the stage for a major season that will run from today through February 2013. 

The HIC Pro is a 4-star men's ASP rated event, and the final star-rated event of the year. It is a local qualifier for the $1M Vans Triple Crown of Surfing that commences next week Monday, November 12, running through December 20. The opening rounds of the HIC Pro were held today and competition will resume at 8am tomorrow morning in continued good conditions.


If you love lefts, you will love this video


A journey through the waves and cultures of Chile, Peru, and Tahiti.  Epice surf, epic footage, epic soundtrack.  This video is sure to start your Saturday off right. 

It’s not only a surf video with action, but also a travelogue showing the country outside of the popular surf zones. It’s important to see how people live in the areas you happen to pass through while searching for different spots.


Gone but never forgotten - as we honor Buttons life, we also recognize another legend Andy Irons, both passed away November 2nd

"I have so many memories of Andy and this is my way of sharing them with family and friends all over the world. I hope you guys enjoy this and never forget a great man, a great friend.

Song: Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

Many thanks to Scott Mortensen for helping me put this whole thing together perfectly".


Let's take a rare 10,000 mile detour East & see Sandy

As most people are busy cleaning up and assessing the damage left by Sandy, surfers are taking advantage of the heavy seas to get their adrenaline fix.

From South Florida to New York’s Rockaway Beach, surfers grabbed their boards and wetsuits – both before and after the storm – to rip it up on waves that were anywhere between 5 feet high to almost double overhead.


Andy Irons Remembered 3 Years After Passing Away

 Another year has gone by, but all our memories of Andy Irons remain as strong as ever. On this second anniversary of his passing (November 2nd) we celebrate his life and impact on surfing and all those who loved him for who he was.  The entire Billabong family wishes to take a moment to join the surfing world in remembering one of the greatest surfers and personalities our sport has ever known.

 Out of respect and acknowledgement of Andy's legacy we continue to dedicate the Billabong Pipe Masters in his memory.

 Billabong is also proud to announce the new global AI Forever collection for release in Summer 2013 in stores and online March 15, in the USA. Proceeds from the AI Forever line will go toward ongoing guaranteed support for Andy's wife Lyndie and young son Axel.

 Andy Irons continues to touch hearts and minds of so many in the surf community - "AI Forever" says it all!

 Aloha, Andy with love. -  The Billabong International Family


GreenTea rider Pipeline Flyin Flynn Novak

The boys: Flynn Novak, John John Florence, Jamie O'Brien, Makua Rothman, Gavin Beschen, Stephen Koehn, Randall Paulson, Isaiah Moniz, Kalani Chapman, Kainoa Mcgee, Kiron Jabour,Koa Rothman, Koa Smith...Oct has really come through after a lame summer to claim the new season. it's clearly game on. For more action log on at SNN.


Day 2 OFF. Looks good for Saturday. The O’Neill Coldwater Classic at Steamer Lane. Watch on OC250

GO HERE Thursday Surfs 2-3 occ higher with smooth ripple waves. High performances happenning now. Their 3 hours ahead. Steamer likes that mid tide and low tide. Kelp is sometimes an issue.

Trialist winners, Santa Cruz Locals Nat Young and Jason Collins to Challenge ASP Top Surfers Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, John John Florence and the Rest of the Elite 34

The world’s best surfers have arrived in Santa Cruz, California for the penultimate event of the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) season, the O’Neill Coldwater Classic at the iconic Steamer Lane.


Tsunami warning issued for Hawaii, 10:28 p.m. expected arrival

Warning issued following 7.7 magnitude quake off Canada

HONOLULU —A tsunami warning has been issued for all Hawaiian Islands just after 7 p.m. Saturday following a 7.7 magnitude quake off of the west coast of Canada.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that the first impact could be seen as soon as 10:28 p.m.

The warning was issued as a result of a large 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck off of Canada's west coast near British Columbia Saturday evening at 5:04 p.m.

The quake struck on the Queen Charlotte Islands Region of British Columbia, 452 miles northwest of Vancouver and 164 miles south of Alaska. Inundation zones HERE


HIC Pro ON TODAY Sunday - Watch it LIVE

This is a 4 day event. It was this time last year, at the HIC Pro surfing tournament at Sunset Beach, that Honolulu high school senior Ezekiel Lau (Honolulu) captured a win that earned him a wildcard into the prestigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Since then, Lau has turned 18, graduated from Kamehameha Schools, finished second in the ASP World Junior Championships last month, and is now preparing for a full-blown assault of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) world tour in 2013.As defending champion of the 4-star rated, $95,000 HIC Pro, presented by Vans, Lau is looking to put the mental, physical, and competitive growth he has gained over the past 12 months to work.


Talk about a cool sup adventure - head to Alaska with Kai Lenny and Robbie Naish


Recently, Kai Lenny and Kevin Langeree embarked on an adventure through the great Alaskan wilderness. After deciding he couldn’t miss out on the adventure, Robby Naish hopped on a plane and met the guys for an unreal journey complete with glaciers, tidal bores and salmon-filled waters. Here’s the Naish crew revealing breathtaking views of Alaska by SUP.


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