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9 minutes on the North Shore with Gabriel Medina

'Nine minutes on the North Shore of Hawaii with Brazilian surf pro Gabriel Medina'. This is the result of a few encounters with Gabriel on the North Shore season of 2011. They wonder what we'd see if someone filmed him full time throughout the year...


Annual Surfer Poll Awards tonight at Turtle Bay

Just days before the 2012 World Title is determined in Hawaii, the year’s best surf films, performances, and surfers will be awarded at the 2012 SURFER Poll Awards. After the grueling task of culling through dozens of video submissions, the nominees have been narrowed down into just a handful for each category. SURFER Magazine is pleased to announce the video nominees in contention at this year’s event. The winners will be announced live from Turtle Bay and via webcast at SurferPoll.com this Thursday Dec. 6th....


ASP Weekly Pulse...coming down to the wire.

Welcome to the latest addition of the ASP Weekly Pulse. This week’s update starts off with a preview of the Swatch Girls Pro China hosted by Wanning. The world’s best women longboarders will face off on Hainan Island at the stand-alone event, crowning the 2012 ASP Women’s World Longboard Champion from November 21-25.


Igarashi and Weston-Webb Win 2012 Rip Curl GromSearch National Finals and Invitations to Bells.

The highly anticipated Rip Curl GromSearch presented by H2O Overdrive National final went down in the history books with what some were calling, "The best surfing in a GromSearch event ever!" Emerald green 3-5 foot set waves poured into the Upper Trestles, San Clemente lineup, and the groms held nothing back. National titles, cash prizes, and all-expense paid trips were on the line as the nation's top 64 surfers ages 16 and under battled for GromSearch glory!    

Medina does another back flip but this ones even higher and at Off the Wall...Greentea Hawaii rider Flynn Novak couldnt be prouder...

Contrary to much of the grumblings in cyberspace, Flynnstone Flip originator
Flynn Novak is actually stoked Medina is pulling these. "I told you guys last
year -- I hope other people start trying them," Novak said. Here in the video you can see how incredibly high he's getting. Gabriel's landings are also key to his amazing skill.

Watch for Gabriel to launch one in the Reef Hawaiian Pro by this Saturday.


REEF Hawaiian Pro lay day due to lack of waves - so check out Vans Team rider John John Florence


Double John is a humble dude, who lets his surfing do the talking.  If you have ever seen him in the  water, he does way more surfing than talking, which we all love, cuz this braddah rips!!  2 ft Gums or 10 ft Pipe....John John is on it and frothing, as happy as a tornado in a trailer park.


Sebastian Zietz(17.76) wins it! John John Florence in 2nd (14.7), Fred Patacchia in 3rd (13.5) and Alejo Muniz in 4th (8.7) The REEF Hawaiian Pro final day is over at 240pm.

It's done as of 240pm: 1st Jewel of the Million Dollar Vans Triple Crown today! Also on OC250. Watch for full details of the epic clashes and insane performances.    REEF Hawaiian Pro event site here


Top seeds throwin it down at Day 3 of the REEF Hawaiian Pro

The big guns entered the draw at the REEF Hawaiian Pro today and the battle for the 30th anniversary Vans Triple Crown of Surfing titlebegan in earnest. Super clean and contestable 4-foot surf may have been smaller than yesterday's offering, but it opened up the door for the full spectrum of maneuvers from tube rides to aerials. With four surfers in the water at any given time, the judges had their work cut out for them: A total of 1,053 individual rides were scored today.


Haleiwa TURNS ON for day 2 of the REEF Hawaiian Pro

-- Pumping Haleiwa delivered the goods at the REEF Hawaiian Pro today with incredible tube rides, aerials and pure power surfing. For the world's top professionals and the surf-stoked fans who flock to the North Shore, this is what the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is known for: quality surfing in quality waves.

Between the high-scoring heat of Australian Tom Whitaker, the mind-altering maneuvers of Ventura's Dane Reynolds, the tube-riding finesse of Torrey Meister, and the iconic Clash of the Legends, everyone went home fired up.


Sunny Garcia takes 1st Place in the Clash of the Legends battle at DAY 3 of REEF Hawaiian Pro

Curren, Garcia, Occhilupo, Jaquias complete round 1 of 3 for Reef “Clash of the Legends” Presented by Bud Light Lime. Surf was cranking 5-8' solid with challenging winds, waves and current. Sunny nabbed more and better waves than the rest of the field and pulled several patented under the hook hacks and flawless tube sense. Occy, Curren and Jaquias couldnt quite find the waves that wouldnt close out...otherwise it may have been a different result. Stayed tuned for Saturday's heat #2.

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, on Nov. 12-24, the Reef Clash of the Legends presented by Bud Light Lime returns to the historic Haleiwa beach park. Running in conjunction with the Reef Hawaiian Pro, the Clash of the Legends pits four of surfing’s most mythic rivals against one another...


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