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Moniz & Marks dominate NSSA Championships

The 2014 NSSA National Championships have come to a close. The coveted Open Mens title was bestowed upon Hawaii’s Josh Moniz and 12-year-old Caroline Marks from Florida took the Open Womens title.  


The always insightful: Slater's MidSeason Breakdown.

Stretching more than his legs Kelly will have to stretch his skills to win his 12th. The 11-time World Champion takes a look at the top surfers and opens up about his own performance thus far. It helps to have 2 throw aways in your pocket when the 2 guys ahead of you dont. Win 1 or 2 from here without messing up any of the rest and the living legend will do it. 


El Niño in doubt as Peru ocean temps drop

Extraordinary El Nino event very unlikely

201, 7 July, Temperatures in Peru's Pacific peaked in June, rising 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 Fahrenheit) above average levels, but have since retreated and will likely return to normal by August, the state committee that studies El Nino said. "The possibility of us seeing an extraordinary Nino is ruled out," said German Vasquez, the head of the committee.

Peru is the world's top fishmeal exporter, producing about a third of worldwide supply. The industry is concentrated along the South American country's northern and central coast. Cold-water anchovy that swam south to escape warmer sea temperatures that arrived in April are making their way back now, Vasquez said....


This place is just unreal, really....

Epic Nias barrels. In this video you will see different angles of the same wave that will take you inside the barrel.
"Maui Boys Derek Escalera, Rafael Cursino and locals( Justin' Bu'ulolo, Sueng and Stono Dachi, Tangkius Wau Santos Wau, Rahel Wau) scored Nias on fire. This was the first big swell of the year since last september when Benjamin Sanches and Diego Santos scored Lagundri Bay. Tuesday May 13th, Nias woke up doing what its known for....


Our most beloved American Surfers - a photo essay

Starting off with our beloved women's world champ, Carissa Moore epitomizes our passion for surfing and patriotism.  Poise, power, style, grace, surfing’s lady liberty frees her fins for her country early and often.


Industry News + Kelly Slater's new brand - Outer Known - launching soon

We know you like the industry stuff but pretend you don’t. You love the back-channeling that exists in the surf industry as much as we do. Here’s what we’re hearing…

While it’s still a while from launching, Kelly Slater’s new brand is called Outer Known. This will be the third surf brand for the Kering Group but, aesthetically and philosophically, it will be kept away from Electric and Volcom. Interestingly, Kelly also rides for Electric but won’t be rocking stickers and, while his brand is tuning up, he’s been spotted: Wearing Volcom. Kering Group, head to toe.


Global warming means shark attacks are forecast to rise

How’s your anxiety-level when it comes to global warming? (note, correct answer should read: “skyrocketing”) Rising seas, famines, droughts, killer storms—Lord knows, there’s plenty to fear already, even without the increased threat of shark attacks in coming years.


Ends Thursday...Dont miss it! The 7th Annual Honolulu Surf Film Festival has begun!

Happenning July 5-31 at a one of a kind venue that bring the surf and ocean community together.

See the best in new and classic surf films from the four corners of the earth with our month-long ode to the ocean. This year we present our biggest line-up ever with 52 shorts and features that explore surfing’s heritage and ever-expanding horizons....


The Ripple Effect Episode 1 The Brothers Witzig

The Ripple Effect: This new series from Red Bull brings a really fresh, contemporary edge to the surf history genre. The series profiles four game changers in surf history who have been overlooked, but who have significantly altered the trajectory of surfing in some way.

The first episode of The Ripple Effect features surf media pioneers, The Witzig Brothers who have added to the rich landscape of surfing through their films, photos and magazine articles. John Witzig was co-founder of Tracks Magazine and the pair have continued to pave the way for generations to follow....


Makua Rothman claims Billabong Pico Alto in Peru in 15-25' surf

Finals podium © Grupo Firbas

Rothman Wins Billabong Pico Alto Big Wave Event

Surf News, 3 July, Pico Alto, Peru - Hawaiian Makua Rothman claimed victory today at the Billabong Pico Alto event in Peru, battling GIANT-foot surf and a field of the world’s best watermen to take out the first event of the 2014/2015 ASP BWWT season. Rothman’s “go-for-broke” approach in the Final saw the young Hawaiian net the highest scores of the entire event, showcasing commitment, strength and confidence in the shifting 30’-40’ foot faces (15-25' Hawaiian scale).


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