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Carlsbad, California's Taylor Knox has retired from World Tour competition after 22 years of circling the globe. At 41, Knox retires as the oldest surfer on tour, and, not surprisingly, one of the most respected.

Taylor on one of the most epic rides in Todos Santos history back in 1998.

His round 1 loss to local wildcard Billy Kemper at the ongoing Billabong Pipe Masters back in December cued his final exit, as close friends Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, and Rob Machado chaired him up the beach following the loss.


Happy New Years! Check out some Epic 25' Jaws Paddle Session 31 December 2012 with Jeff Rowley and others...

Pic: Jeff Rowley © Minnie Vuong/Xvolution Media

Surf News, 1 January, 2013 :  Jeff Rowley, Big Wave Surfer paddled into perfect giant surf at Jaws Peahi, Maui on New Years Eve 31 December 2012. This is another perfect warm-up for the upcoming Red Bull Jaws Paddle at Peahi. Many of the world's best big wave surfers flew into Maui for this much anticipated swell including Ian Walsh, Albee Layer, Dave Wassell (sharing Jeff's last ride!) and Alex Gray. Check the VIDEO....


Dane & Taj in California


This short clip first showed up on Dane Reynold's website, Summerteeth.

Dane had warned Taj that the waves were not going to be great but Taj ignored the warnings and went anyway. 

Like all of Dane's clips it was locked to his website but lucky for us Taj just uploaded it to his own Vimeo. 

Thanks Taj and Happy New Years everyone.  



Scientists have warned that society as we know it, may be greatly disrupted by an intense solar flare predicted for 2013. A solar flare is a sudden eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun’s surface caused by a huge explosion on the surface of the sun.

A Solar Flare could hit the Earth like a lightening bolt and knock out all electrical and navigational equipment in key parts of the World or even a complete shutdown across the globe.


So you think you want to surf big waves?...check out this CODE RED swell


After a long wait and various samplers from the footage bounding around the internet it’s finally here; Billabong’s surf movie from the day of days at Teahupoo “Code Red”. It follows the day through the eyes of Laurie Towner and the veteran Dylan Longbottom. Chris Bryan caught the footage on a Phantom Camera and the footage was edited by Jamie Brooks.


SURF TIPS - How to boost an air

Nobody knows who did the first air, but sometime, presumably in the late ‘70s, a surfer of immense skill and creative insight decided to launch his board out of the water, over the lip of the wave and back down towards the face before continuing his ride. It was the latest innovation in a sport bursting at the seams with progressive new ideas, along with surfers talented enough to pull them off.


A fun day at the Banzai skate park

What happens when the waves go flat during the winter?...everyone head to the Banzai Skate Park to practive their moves.  On the North Shore of Oahu with Gavin Beschen, Balaram Stack, Finn McGill, Joel Tudor, Eric Geiselman, John John Florence, Omar Hassan, Billy Fortier, Noah Doak, and Greyson Fletcher. Filmed and edited by Jon Steele.


The best 10-point rides ever

Ten point rides are rare and when they happen the crowd out in the beach goes crazy. A perfect 10 is the ultimate surfing goal in competition.

Surfers know than only a well selected wave and complete maneuvers will get the maximum score. Not all waves can deliver ten points in pro surfing.


Greg Long survives Cortes Big-wave surfer escapes serious injury at massive wave session

Pro surfer Greg Long is home recovering after suffering a serious wipeout on Friday at Cortes Bank, an open-ocean break approximately 100 miles west of San Diego, Calif., during one of the heaviest big-wave sessions of the year. Rescued, revived and stabilized by rescuers and medics on location, Long was airlifted out of the area by Coast Guard helicopter and transported to the University of California San Diego Medical Center, from which he was released Sunday.


30 Years of Triple Crown of Surfing

Sebastian Ziets won the 2012 Triple Crown of Surfing title.  "Seabass" won the Reef Hawaiian Pro, finished third in the Vans World Cup of Surfing and progressed through to Round 3 at the Billabong Pipe Masters to claim the Triple Crown of Surfing 2012 title.

"Seabass", from Kauai, started surfing at 6 years old. No ID, passport or birth certificate meant he couldn't travel for a long time. Ziets trained with Andy and Bruce Irons, Roy Powers and Dustin Barca to build a solid career. He turned pro at 16 and always saw Pipeline as a scary wave. 2012 confirmed his status of surf star.


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