Tuesday, September 23, 2014 596-SURF , 596-WAVE , 922-BONG , 638-RUSH , 572-SURF(MAUI) , 241-SURF (KAUAI) , 324-RUSH (BIG ISLAND)
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Congratulations to the NSSS Sunset Beach Pro Jr winners Ian Crane & Moana Jones

The conditions at Sunset beach were ideal 4-6'  for the North Shore Surf Shop Junior Pro finals Thursday 1/24/13.

These top youngsters from around the world slashed and shredded their way through the lineup with powerful maneuvers and mature poise.

Top girls winner was 14 year old Moana Jones from Vland, and for the boys, Ian Crane from San Clemente. 2nd place finishers were Seth Moniz (who was dominating till the last 3 minutes) for the boys and Mahina Maeda from Sunset for the girls. In 3rd place, Keanu Asing and Baley Naje...FULL RECAP OF RESULTS inside...


Surf Flick Friday & "Sincerely Suburbia" by Kai Neville


Sincerely Suburbia is the final salute to a film and a moment we're rather fond of. Shot around the globe in 2012, this film was pulled off the cutting room floor for Dear Suburbia, Kai Neville's award winning surf film. Sincerely Suburbia stars Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Conner Coffin, Jay Davies and Mitch Coleborn with cameos by Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow and Cory Lopez.


Industry News - JJF signs deal with Hurley


Hurley has signed Hawaiian prodigy John John Florence to a five-year agreement. Florence, 20, will lead an already stellar surf team including Julian Wilson, Carissa Moore and Rob Machado, and will drive Hurley’s award-winning Phantom platform.


French surfer donates kidney to Hawaiian friend


Stéphane Trawalter, a Californian surfer from France, is going to donate a kidney to a Hawaiian friend and Desert Storm Veteran.

Surfing is the center of this warm story. Stéphane Trawalter, a passionate surfer from the Alsace region of France, has moved to California looking for waves.


Stand Up World Tour Schedule for 2013 is announced

Another successful closes year for the Stand Up World Tour and we look ahead to 2013, the New Year will bring most of the same events back, but with some changes and exciting developments making for the most groundbreaking year yet for this World Championship Tour.

With the introduction of the Women's World Championship Tour that will run alongside the men's in Hawaii, Brazil, California and France, along with live broadcasts from all events, increased global TV airtime, launch of the new Stand Up World Tour rulebook and increase in prestige and impact at all events, 2013 promises to be the best yet. Click for the Tour.


Ready...Set...Volcom...Pipe Pro...call 596 SURF

It's ON...Day one starts 830am Thursday 1/31

Arising NW should peak at easy 6' midday with decent light ENE trades. It could see new lines from a much bigger swell late in the day.

The $130,000 VOLCOM PIPE PRO - a 5-star rated ASP event, will get underway at 8:30am HST this-morning after patiently waiting through four days of a 12-day holding period. The event requires a total of four days of great waves and with plenty of surf on tap, organizers can be selective.

Watch the Volcom Pipe Pro in person or on Oceanic 250 or Online LIVE HERE ( www.volcompipepro.com/)

Volcom is partnering with ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, to bring the Volcom Pipe Pro and competitive surfing to a whole new audience. In addition to the traditional live broadcast, ESPN will be streaming the contest live in HD on ESPN3.com. This partnership will mark the first time that ESPN has streamed a live ASP surfing event.


Cast your vote for the Greatest Athlete of All Time


Action sports don't take place on neatly manicured lawns or AstroTurf. Instead, they happen on vert ramps and snow-topped mountains, behind the wheel and on the crest of a wave, at high miles per hour and even higher altitudes, producing enough broken bones and concussions to make an NFL player blush. Which action sports star demonstrates the greatest combination of athletic talent?



Kelly Slater & Angus Stone pitch in to help create the official soundtrack for Taylor Steele's "Here & Now" Surf film


A film shot entirely in one day. Follows the lives of surfers around the world -- including Kelly Slater, Dave Rastovich, Stephanie Gilmore, Jay Davies, Rob Machado, Conner Coffin, Peter Devries, Matt Meola, Albee Layer and more -- as they go about their day.


DEPARTURE DELAYED - A short film featuring John John Florence & friends in Hawaii


Departure & Delayed is a short film that shows you what John John and friends have been up to this winter.  Some of the most progressive surfing you will find is what.....

Crazy aerials that are beyond belief, unflappable composure in insane barrels, and even some secret spots that will blow your mind.

Surfing by John John Florence, Ivan Florence, Nathan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Koa Rothman and Matt Meola. Skating by Greyson Fletcher (Christian’s son). Filmed by Damien Robertson, Daniel Russo, Blake Kueny, and John John Florence. 


New Year's Eve Party at JAWS

2012 ended off with a nice size swell for the North Shore of the Hawaiian Islands. Big wave enthusiasts headed to Maui's North Shore to tackle Peahi 'Jaws' on the final day of 2012.  Schweitzersports posted highlights from the day which featured some big bombs but was, unfortunately, not big enough to run the Red Bull event. Keep your eyes focused on the Hawaiian Island chain as more swell heads their way.


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