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Peter Mel WINS the Mavericks Invitational

There was a sense of inevitability when dawn broke on the much anticipated Mavericks Invitational presented by GoPro. Half Moon Bay was buzzing with activity, but down on the docks salty locals exchanged grim looks as word of the conditions filtered back from the lineup a mile away. The tide was high, the reports said. It’s inconsistent, they warned. It’s still not that big, they complained.


If you surf big waves, you MUST read this

As As surfers, we attempt to spend a majority of our free time in the water, preferably above the water.  However this doesn't always happen, especially in big waves.  So in order to stay alive, we must train and learn to adapt.  This includes things like breath holding, and the of course the best people to ask are free divers.  So it is no coincidence, especially here on the North Shore, that the best big wave surfers are also great freedivers. 


Rip Curl Hell Team: Hawaii ..having fun, ripping, playing

This is what is about. Somewhere is a World Tour competitor down the road. For now tho' they're just doin' what they love.

Check out the video...


Surfing the East Side with Zeke Lau

Ezekiel Lau (better known as Zeke) is coming of age as a surfer and competitor right in front of our eyes with some impressive and creative surfing. Zeke is known for having a unique blend of style, speed, and power. Ezekiel sets himself apart as a private school student at Kamehameha Schools (an Institution for students of Hawaiian Ancestry) while pursuing a competitive surfing career in which he claimed 4 National Titles. Surfing is his passion and he hopes you will develop a passion for watching him as he comes up in rank as the next generation of surfing’s’ finest.


Land Ahoy in Pupukea with Alex & Koa Smith

For the handful of professional surfers fortunate enough to score a room in a plush team house, a winter on the North Shore is paired with private chefs, beachfront bedrooms overlooking some of the most sought-after real estate in the country, and rumored team masseuses. But this is a far cry from reality for most surfers on the North Shore. For the unsung masses, the surfers trying to make a name for themselves or those with sponsors unable to own or rent a home for the season, finding a place to lay their head is a battle in and of itself. For Kauai’s Alex Smith, who doesn’t have a main sponsor, an open mind and a little creativity found him with some of the most interesting digs of the season. Alex spent his winter on a boat, a dry-docked vessel in the mountains.


Congratulations to the NSSS Sunset Beach Pro Jr winners Ian Crane & Moana Jones

The conditions at Sunset beach were ideal 4-6'  for the North Shore Surf Shop Junior Pro finals Thursday 1/24/13.

These top youngsters from around the world slashed and shredded their way through the lineup with powerful maneuvers and mature poise.

Top girls winner was 14 year old Moana Jones from Vland, and for the boys, Ian Crane from San Clemente. 2nd place finishers were Seth Moniz (who was dominating till the last 3 minutes) for the boys and Mahina Maeda from Sunset for the girls. In 3rd place, Keanu Asing and Baley Naje...FULL RECAP OF RESULTS inside...


Surf Flick Friday & "Sincerely Suburbia" by Kai Neville


Sincerely Suburbia is the final salute to a film and a moment we're rather fond of. Shot around the globe in 2012, this film was pulled off the cutting room floor for Dear Suburbia, Kai Neville's award winning surf film. Sincerely Suburbia stars Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Conner Coffin, Jay Davies and Mitch Coleborn with cameos by Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow and Cory Lopez.


Industry News - JJF signs deal with Hurley


Hurley has signed Hawaiian prodigy John John Florence to a five-year agreement. Florence, 20, will lead an already stellar surf team including Julian Wilson, Carissa Moore and Rob Machado, and will drive Hurley’s award-winning Phantom platform.


French surfer donates kidney to Hawaiian friend


Stéphane Trawalter, a Californian surfer from France, is going to donate a kidney to a Hawaiian friend and Desert Storm Veteran.

Surfing is the center of this warm story. Stéphane Trawalter, a passionate surfer from the Alsace region of France, has moved to California looking for waves.


Stand Up World Tour Schedule for 2013 is announced

Another successful closes year for the Stand Up World Tour and we look ahead to 2013, the New Year will bring most of the same events back, but with some changes and exciting developments making for the most groundbreaking year yet for this World Championship Tour.

With the introduction of the Women's World Championship Tour that will run alongside the men's in Hawaii, Brazil, California and France, along with live broadcasts from all events, increased global TV airtime, launch of the new Stand Up World Tour rulebook and increase in prestige and impact at all events, 2013 promises to be the best yet. Click for the Tour.


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