Sunday, September 21, 2014 596-SURF , 596-WAVE , 922-BONG , 638-RUSH , 572-SURF(MAUI) , 241-SURF (KAUAI) , 324-RUSH (BIG ISLAND)
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Yes, its real. Biggest wave ever by a large margin. Near 100 feet.

Congrads Garrett McNamara...he did it. Officials will have their work cut out figuring out where the trough is. But in my rough estimate, at the moment of peak cresting, this wave is about 100' high. The biggest ever ridden by significant margin. What an honor it must be for Garrett. Interviews and glories galore are on the way. And to top it off Garrett did not get a rush out of it! On his Anderson Cooper interview Tuesday night Garrett said with a smile and chuckle " I havent been able to get the rush ever since that glacier wave in rush, so its probably not 100'. Anderson was incredulous: " You did NOT get a rush riding that wave...are you kidding me? Garrett: " I am not kidding you Anderson, I dont know what is wrong with me...there's definitely something wrong"


Tonight. One of a kind Alex Gray at Surfer, the Bar Thursday evening.

He was one of the few guys to make it out of a bomb on the Tahiti’s infamous Code Red day. He was there when everyone started paddling Jaws. He scored all-time Fiji with his friend/mentor/cover-star Dave Wassell during the Volcom comp. He’s got starring roles beside Kelly Slater in this year’s two Taylor Steele films (Here & Now and This Time Tomorrow). And just last week he blew off his US Open poster signing to score this bombing Puerto swell. Remember when Alex Gray was, like, this cute, comedy kid doing the WQS? Me neither. —Nathan Myers (Surfing Mag)


Here is a Winter X Games video recap of the week

Torstein Horgmo takes Winter X gold in historic snowboard big air

Down to his final jump to make something happen, Torstein Horgmo of Norway saved the best for last, pulling off a switch backside triple cork 1440--a trick he only tried last week--and winning the gold medal in snowboard big air at X Games Aspen on Friday night.


Is that guy SKI-ING at Pe'ahi?!?!?


Chuck Patterson is quite the Renaissance man when it comes to outdoor adventure. Whether he's chasing sharksswells, or snow, he's usually turning heads at each stop. The 6'2" 220-pound waterman is best known these days as a racing champion in the fledgling sport of standup paddling, but come winter he always reverts back to his skiing roots, even if he happens to be riding 50-foot waves in Hawaii. 



Kona, Hawaii
January 19, 2013

The Event: Fifty kids 17-and under can enter for free with 2.25 GPA on their latest report card and 3 cans of food to donate to the local food bank. The waves were so big we had to move it for the first time ever—our back up spot was Lymans, a left point that was maxing with sets 10ft on the face. Pros that came to hang with the groms and support the event: Ezekiel Lau, Torrey Meister, Matt Meola, Kelly Slater, Keanu Asing, and CJ Kanuha


Dwayne Sharsh, the Family Man, Friend and Surfer. R.I.P.

The Scharsch Ohana, extended family, friends and numerous surfing braddahs will be participating in the Celebration of Life, Paddle Out for Dwayne Scharsch this Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 3:00 pm, gathering at Magic Island.  Mahalo to Everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers over the past few weeks!   Bowls is a place that Dwayne loved and respected for decades.  Please come and join the Scharsch Ohana!


You will NEVER guess where this is....


Who would've thought this waves could get this good?

Red Hot Ripping At Rubber Duckies On The North Shore Of Oahu


All day today! Dont miss out! The Mauli Ola Foundation and Turtle Bay Resort hosts NFL Football Stars and Pro Surfers for benefit

Mauli Ola Foundation and Turtle Bay Resort, the only destination resort on Oahu’s fabled North Shore, is gearing up for the 2013 Pro Bowl by hosting National Football League stars and top professional surf athletes for a surf experience, golf day and concert to benefit the Mauli Ola Foundation.


The 2013 QS Makahiki Festival is on out on the wild west side Makaha. Come check it out.

Photo: Bernie Baker

Surf is 4-8' with North winds and its really good timing. Makahiki is a festival for hawaiians to celebrate the time of harvest. On the island of Oahu at the famed break of Makaha this is exactly what they did. Quiksilver’s Makahiki brought family and friends to ride waves on everything from SUP, Canoe to tandem. See you there Saturday-Sunday.


Dorian & crew paddle-into HUGE Portugal

Billabong Adventure Division’s latest project to the Portugal’s big-wave spot of Nazaré has resulted in Shane Dorian, Eric Rebiere and Benjamin Sanchis surfing some of the biggest waves ever paddled into in Europe. On Friday 11th January, all three surfers caught some giant waves, with Dorian flying in from his home in Hawaii for the one day and further cementing his reputation as the premier big-wave surfer in the world. 


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