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Kai Lenny regains his Sunset Beach Pro title

After having to settle for 3rd place overall in 2012, and narrowly losing to Bonga Perkins in the Finals of the 2012 Sunset Beach Pro, the young Kai Lenny (Naish) from Maui, Hawaii was a man on a mission this year at Sunset Beach, putting together a string of standout performances through the heats to make it all the way to the Final.

In the Final, he was not going to make the same mistake twice, as he notched up an impressive heat total with critical and high risk turns completed with skill and flair, impressing the judges and crowds alike and earning him the first notch on his belt towards the 2013 World Title. Kai Lenny is your 2013 Sunset Beach Pro Champion. 


Vans to sponsor US Open of Surfing

You can take Nike out of surfing, but you can’t take surfing out of the mainstream. Even though the Swoosh severed ties with the US Open of Surfing in September, (and from all of surfing in November), the throngs of bronzed and belligerent will again descend upon Huntington Beach this summer. But this time, there will be different logos sprayed on lower backs.


Shark attacks worldwide increase slightly

For the first time in more than a decade, the United States claimed 53 shark attacks during a single year, according to a new summary by the International Shark Attack File. The ISAF just released numbers stating there were 80 confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attacks on humans worldwide in 2012. Most of those encounters happened in the United States.

The 2012 yearly total of 80 attacks is higher than last year's 78, but in 2012 fewer people died than in 2011. There were seven fatalities due to shark attacks last year and 13 in 2011.


Awareness and Prevention Win Big at the Inaugural Xcel Race Against Skin Cancer

(L to R) Men's Unlimited division winners Ingo Redemacher (1st), Ed Wheeler (2nd), and Leleo Kinimaka (3rd) at the Xcel Race Against Skin Cancer. All photos courtesy of Joey Carroll.

First Time SUP Event Supports University of Hawai'i Cancer Center

(February 12, 2013) - Awareness and prevention were the ultimate champions at the first ever Xcel Race Against Skin Cancer, as over 100 standup paddlers converged on Waikiki this past weekend to support the University of Hawai'i Cancer Center and the fight against skin cancer.

With near-perfect weather, ideal racing conditions, and plenty of sun protection, the inaugural event attracted racers of all ages and abilities to O'ahu's iconic Waikiki shoreline for a fun, fast 2.4 mile sprint from Kaimana Beach to Duke Kahanamoku Beach.


Pipeline swell 2/8 - some of winters best

The big Pipeline swell that rolled through on Friday Feb. 8, was some fo the best waves Pipe has seen so far this winter.  Starting out at first reef, and finishing the day with scary third reef bombs, the Banzai turned on for some of the most epic surf there yet.  The boys were all out and just scoring nuggets all day.  There was some carnage, after all this is still Pipe, but in between the jaw breaking rides, there was still plenty of jaw dropping rides as well.


Pure magic Day 1 of Sunset Beach Pro


It was a magical day at Sunset Beach today, with a picture perfect Hawaiian day accompanied by giant but managable surf in the 12ft+ range (20ft plus faces). The perfect setting saw some spectacular action that took us all the way through the trials and through 6 heats of the 1st round in the Main Event. With mindblowing conditions and action to match, Sunset Beach once again legitimized itself as the ultimate opener for the Stand Up World Tour.


The 37th Annual Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic

In 1976, the year of the nation’s bicentennial celebration and the height of a hawaiian renaissance, Polynesian Voyaging Canoe Hokulea’s set sail on its maiden voyage of cultural rediscovery to Tahiti. Buffalo Keaulana was the double-hulled canoe’s steersman.
After enduring 35 days beating in rough seas, drifting in doldrums, and dealing with others’ experimental ideas, Buffalo, 41 at the time emerged tested and toughened in his own sense of self worth and Hawaiian culture.
On return to Makaha, Buffalo got a chance to steer his path in what originally was the pastime of Hawaii ali’i, Larry “The Weatherman’s” suggested that Buffalo start a big board surfing classic at Makaha. The idea struck home.
The classic became a collective expression of giving back to surfing and for 37 years has flourished under Buffalo’s sense of what’s right.


Epic. Surf. Clips.


From small rippable Val's, to heaving Mexican barrels.  Feast your eyes on some tasty surf vids. Have a fun (safe) weekend with the 15' NW!


Congrads to Hawaii's Hard Charger: Jamie Sterling for winning the hard core Nelscott Big Wave event.

Photo: Hallman: Jamie Sterling sets his line en route to a win at Nelscott Reef off the Oregon coast.

While much of the attention of the surfing world was focused on the North Shore for the Volcom Pipe Pro, more than 2,000 miles away off the coast of Oregon the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic was quietly coming to life. One of five events on schedule for the Big Wave World Tour (BWWT), the last time the Nelscott Reef event, which is now a paddle-only comp, ran was in 2010. Amid solid 20-foot sets breaking nearly a half-mile out to sea, Hawaiian Jamie Sterling edged out the likes of Greg Long, Gabrial Villaran, Aaron Ungerleider, Jao De Macedo, and Ben Wilkinson in the Final to take the win.


Your last chance to make a donation for Valentine’s Day to give that special someone, and our oceans, some love!

Why not give a gift that says I love you and the beach too? Make a $33 donation in honor of your Valentine and we’ll send her a Kai O Aloha (Ocean of Love) Plumeria Heart necklace hand-crafted by Hawaiian artist Leighton Lam. The necklace features a 24K gold plated and frost finished pendant on an 18" gold plated chain.
Not only will your Valentine love this unique gift, your beach will too-your donation will go directly to support our network of volunteer activists, our 84 grassroots chapters and their ongoing work to protect and preserve our oceans, waves and beaches.

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