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1st stop of the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour - Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast

The world’s best male and female surfers have arrived on Australia’s Gold Coast for the commencement of the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) with the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast presented by Land Rover scheduled to begin on Saturday.

Joel Parkinson (AUS), 31, reigning ASP World Champion and former Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast event champion, looked relaxed as he joked with media and the other surfers. Parkinson admitted that he’s feeling less pressure and looking forward to using a relaxed approach to the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour season with hopes of replicating last year’s success.


Good swell forecast for Quiksilver, Roxy Pros...

Action-packed weekend likely for Quiksilver & Roxy Pros

Surf News, 27 February, 2013 The Quiksilver and Roxy Pro’s presented by Land Rover are likely to commence this weekend with a promising swell set to arrive on cue for the opening 2013 events of the ASP Men’s and Women’s World Championship Tours. Contest Director Jake Paterson (Aus) is anticipating an action packed weekend as the world’s best surfers commence their 2013 campaigns in the high performance waves on the southern end of Australia’s Gold Coast. “We have a great week of swell coming. It’s just a bit unfortunate at the moment that we have a big hole out the back of Snapper Rocks but fortunately for us, we have a great bank down at Rainbow Bay, so it looks like we are going to get away pretty early,” said Paterson.


New big wave surf movie documents Jaws & Mavs and the hellmen charging them

Core film crew follow heavy-water users into giant sessions

Powerlines Productions, Big Wave Filmmakers since 1994, deliver their latest project,'Super Natural.' The documentary film takes audiences on a tour with some of the best big wave surfers in the world riding giant waves from powerful Pacific winter storm systems. Filmed during the epic El Niño and La Niña winter seasons the movie takes viewers on an insiders journey to the fabled big wave breaks of Maui's Pe'ahi (Jaws) and Northern California's Mavericks.


Thanks to all who joined Turtle Bay Resort Saturday.. giving back to the NorthShore.

 Mahalo! Meet at Turtle Bay West Lawn (Follow Blue Flags)
Join the Beach Clean Up Hosted by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii!
Sponsors:Surfrider,Turtle Bay,Wanderlust
Find hidden glass bottles during the clean up to win prizes!
Prizes include:
Tickets to ALO Concert
Tickets to Wanderlust on Sunday
Clothing from Patagonia, Hurly and Quiksilver for the kids!


Paradise is a shorebreak...check Stab Mags interview with Clark Little

While the true world thunders by, Clark Little is happy documenting the moment when waves extinguish. Have you seen the way that sand scoops up through the turquoise face of a shorebreak? Or, the way the sun dances on the wall just before detonation? Scary and pretty, all at once! It’s kinda captivating. That’s Clark’s zone. He’s been capturing condensed slices of violence and beauty in shorebreaks since 2005. Some mainstream recognition (National Geographic, thanks) and a successful gallery and website have since become his full-time game. Ain’t that something special? When Stab called to discuss such things, Clark was “Chewing on some beef jerky, editing some pictures, and just living the life, y’know?” STAB MAG HERE


Smoke-Free Beaches for Honolulu...why not?

Take 30 seconds or less to let Honoulu City & County Council Members know you support Bill 72, which would create smoke-free beaches at designated locations in Honolulu. It’s working on the Big Island and it can work in Honolulu as well. Your voice in strong support of this bill is important. Send your testimony today for the Committee hearing scheduled for Tuesday, February 26 at 9 am. We’ve made it easy, click here to submit pre-prepared testimony you can edit, submit your own written testimony via the County on-line system or fax it to 768-3827. Mahalo.


A Moment with Kelly Slater

For over 20 years, 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater's performance and innovation have dominated the discussion in surfing, just as he has won heats, media exposure and worldwide popularity. His first signature video, "Kelly Slater in Black and White" revolutionized traditional on-the-face surfing by introducing a loose, tailfree, above-the-lip approach mixed with elastic tube riding.

Taylor Steele, who started filming Slater for his seminal "Momentum" series videos in the early '90s and still works with him today, remembers a particularly remarkable Slater session he filmed in Barbados for his "Sipping Jetstreams" film. 


Oahu Surfer Profile - Dustin Barca


"The first time I met Barca, he was 14 years old. He just showed up on my front porch with a board bag. He said, 'Hey, Bruce and Andy said I could stay here.' He ended up on my couch for weeks," remembers X Games Surfing contributing photographer Jason Kenworthy.

For all intents and purposes, this is when Dustin Barca's life in the surf spotlight began. Coming up on the quiet, relative Hawaiian backwater that is Kauai's northern shore, he was caught of in the wave of Garden Isle talent that was soon to sweep the surf world. Barca would eventually join the Irons brothers on the road, qualifying for the ASP World Tour in 2009. Meanwhile, his childhood friends Rico Jimenez, Danny Fuller, Reef McIntosh and Aamion Goodwin were enjoying a multitude of free-surfing successes.


Dane Reynolds scores in least someone is getting good surf right now!

Dane Reynolds killing Mexican point breaks in the latest video from Quiksilver.Dane Reynolds is known for his "go for broke" style of surfing that includes many experimental and aerial maneuvers.


Always innovative Dave Kelly of Hawaiin South Shore pumps out a new feature...

Hawaiian South Shore is serving up more than an amazing array of boards and accessories. Dave Kelly is a marketere extraordinaire. Check out this new video feature with ripper MC announcer Kaipo Guerrero. It covers a new best selling design and some ASP recap. You can link from the actual video. Cool.


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