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RED BULL JAWS, Paddle at Pe'ahi enters the final week of its holding period today, with the last day being next Friday, March 15.

Since December 7, 2012, the event's 21 Invitees have been ready to activate for this one-day big wave paddle-in event - the first of its kind to be held at Jaws, on Maui, Hawaii. However, an optimal day of surf with wave face heights in the specified range of 30 to 50 feet, out of the NNW with light winds, has not presented itself. There have been a handful of invaluable warm-up days for the surfers, but the required size and/or quality standards ultimately fell short thus far.


Volcom Strange Brains web series episode #3 - Ozzie Wright

Volcom Strange Brains | Ozzie Wright

Get inside the mind of Ozzie Wright—the guy who wrote the book, err, song on Strange Brains.

Strange Brains is a rider produced series of webisodes from the Strange Brains at Volcom


It was ON Tuesday in fun 3-5' Pipe. Open Ceremonyies went off Monday at Surfer the Bar,

Day one is running for Tuesday 3/12 in rippable 3-5' Pipe from a mix of angles. New WNW fills Wednesday morning. It's The Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro presented by San Lorenzo March 12-22

All competitors please come for prayer with Tom Stone, entertainment,  give aways, and surfboard by UDown. Rock Band

is Slippa Foot and DJ Kelly. All ages welcome.

The following is a forecast and not 100% confirmed and be refined Monday. 

We believe there will be a good swell the first days of the holding period and are predicting we will complete all three

days of surfing by thursday...GO HERE


Quiksilver Pro at Snapper continues...Epic battles + John John pulls out


The level of talent on the ASP World Tour has gotten so good that it's basically come down to who ever gets the best waves wins the heat. I know, it sounds cliche, and to a point it's always been like that, but for a moment there it seemed like performance was trumping wave selection.

Based on the last couple of rounds of the Quiksilver Pro, as far as I can it, it seems the whole judging criteria and formula for winning heats has gone back to the Damien Hardman-era of solid surfing on the best waves. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of stylish power surfing, but I'm also a huge fan of progressive surfing. At the end of the day the best guys should be able to do both.


Tyler Wright wind Roxy Pro Gold Coast

Tyler Wright has claimed the 2013 Roxy Pro Gold Coast presented by Land Rover over Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS), 22, in punchy two-to-three foot (1 metre) waves at the primary venue of Snapper Rocks.

Event No. 1 of 7 on the 2013 ASP Women’s World Championship Tour (WCT), the Roxy Pro Gold Coast enjoyed a down-to-the-wire finish today with Wright and Fitzgibbons going head-to-head in a fiercely-fought Final.


Words of Wisdom from Mr. Pipeline at Surfer The Bar

Stacked to the brim with eager guests hanging on his every word, Gerry Lopez recently took to the state at Surfer, The Bar to engage the crowd at Wanderlust’s famed Speakeasy sessions. 

Calm, cool and collected, Lopez has come to embody the best of surfing and his speech this night was meant to draw parallels between the sport of kings and Yoga. Commonly referred to as “Mr. Pipeline” Lopez’s experience in finding zen through yoga walks in lockstep with his efforts to find zen through surfing. 


The 2013 ASP Men's World Tour is going to be a great's why....

Last year's title race was one of the most exciting and action-packed we've seen since Andy Irons took out Kelly Slater at Pipeline in 2004.

The No. 1 spot changed hands four times throughout the year in a highly emotional seesaw battle. Throw in the unpredictable and incredible John John Florence and you have a recipe for nonstop action. Slater, Taj Burrow and Mick Fanning each held the lead at some point, and Joel Parkinson took the title in a triumphant victory at the Billabong Pipeline Pro.



After much speculation, the Lowers Pro at Trestles has officially been postponed for the year. Announced by Grind Media, which has licensed and has produced the contest since 2004, the ASP Prime surfing event will not be held in 2013 due to lack of a title sponsor.


Garrett McNamara says no to Billabong XXL Awards

On Jan. 28, 2013, Garrett McNamara caught a wave off the coast of Nazare, Portugal, that became an instant media sensation. It was dubbed the "100-foot wave" by news outlets around the world, including ABC, CBS, Fox and CNN. This Wednesday, McNamara will appear on a "60 Minutes Sports" installment about the wave. But as of today, McNamara has withdrawn his entries from the Billabong XXL Awards, surfing's prestigious big-wave awards show.

"We decided to pull my waves from Nazare out of Billabong XXL because I do not ride for Billabong and I did not go out that day and surf for a world record or to win any XXL prize money," said McNamara via email. "I was out there because I live for big waves, it's what I love to do!! It is not necessary to have a Billabong panel measure it. There have already been quite a few educated professionals who have measured it anywhere between 60-110 feet!"


Kaz Sano. NovusSwell. A sweet eye treat. Here's Seth Moniz pulling a ludicrous stunt at Rocky's.

Kaz Sano. NovusSwell. Rocky Point Session with Kaito, Josh, Seth, and Loa (02-26-2013).


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