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Is Hainan China the new surf city?

The World Surf Cities Network (WSCN)—a fledgling, tourism-focused organization based in Spain—is flirting with the idea of adding Hainan, a tropical island province off China’s south coast, to its list of world-class surf destinations. The other nine members are frothing, wave-stoked surf cultures such as the Gold Coast, Durban, and Hossegor. But what about Hainan? Well, sure, a handful of low-key pro events have been held there over the last few years, but not only is it off the radar of most surf trippers, it doesn’t even support a significant local surfing population.


Amateur surfer profile - Eala Stewart

Surfer profile of Eala Stewart, a young and upcoming ripper from Honolulu. He currently lives in a mango tree on the North Shore fine tuning his craft.... somebody sponsor this kid already!


60-second lesson on Tom Blake paddleboard

Photo: Tom Blake and Duke Kahanamoku

Tom Blake/Thomas Rogers Co. paddleboard from the late 1930s

Any Tom Blake Model is a must-have, but here without question is one of the finest we've ever seen. Constructed from lovely Philippine mahogany ( deck and bottom) with redwood rails and sealed with covered screws, this beauty is in original condition. The Thomas Rogers Company of Venice had the license to build Blake paddleboards from 1932 to 1939. This model was made during the end of their production as evidenced by use of Blake's "life-ring" brass drain plug. Quite simply the top of it's class. pre-auction estimate $10K- $15K...check out the video


Surfing finally arrives at X Games & Jordy Smith is the first to win Gold


Jordy Smith has conquered the first X Games gold medal, in the Real Surf competition. The South African surfer beated seven other pro surfers.

Surfing has been added to the X Games, in Foz do Iguaçu, with an innovative format: a panel of surf industry experts decides the best 60-second video edits by eight pro wave riders.


Watch "21 Days" as they follow Nat Young & Adriano De Souza get ready for Bells


The Rio Pro is on the horizon. Adriano has a home field advantage, and Nat has a score to settle.

In the second chapter of RedBull's 21 Days, we take an exclusive look into the lives of Nat Young and Adriano de Souza. A few weeks back, both of these gentlemen shook the world at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.


Surfer Profile - Kekoa Bacalsco

I lost my main sponsor not long after getting knocked off the World Tour in 2010. That wasn’t easy, but I’m really proud of how I handled it. For a while there, I literally had almost no money. I was still surfing all the time, but I had to find other ways to pay the bills. I got a job as a valet at a hotel in Waikiki, but I still wasn’t ready to give up on surfing as a career just because I got knocked off the Tour and lost my sponsors.


OluKai Launches Hawaiian Lifeguard Association 2013 Product Ceremony

As a long-standing partner and official footwear of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association (HLA), OluKai is pleased to announce the unveiling of its performance footwear collaboration with the humble members of the HLA; an 18-month endeavor now being realized. Next month, OluKai will outfit over 450 lifeguards with shoes and sandals at a special in-store presentation. 

A portion of proceeds of the thoughtfully constructed HLA footwear goes to support the Junior Lifeguards, an ongoing component to OluKai’s prolific Giveback Program.


CARL KISH of San Diego's Center for Surf Research. Yes, there's a college degree for Surf Research!

Carl is in town working on a Sustainable Surf Tourism project that is taking place right here at Turtle Bay Resort. Jodi has traveled for the past 20 years with the ASP World Surfing Tour to surf destinations around the planet that range from the jungles of Java to remote waves in Portugal, Brazil, Africa and the South China Sea. Both will provide insight into the fascinating life opportunities that surfing and surf travel present. And much of the surfing world knows Randy is one of the most traveled surfers over the last 4 this will be good.


Team Hawaii crowned ISA World Masters champions + more finals highlights


During an epic day of amazing waves and tremendous surfing performances, the 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship officially closed.

The waves were incredible throughout the Finals. The morning heats saw glassy surf in the 6-8 feet range at the perfect right hand point-break in Montañita, Ecuador. A gentle onshore breeze picked up mid-morning, but the waves remained consistent and pumping all day
Team Hawaii successfully defended their title of World Team Champions and winners of the Eduardo Arena Perpetual Team Trophy, named after the Peruvian founder and first President of the ISA in 1964.


Day 7 set for the ISA World Masters Surfing Championships

The 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship confirmed all finalists on Saturday. Day 7 of the competition featured all the Repechage Finals that determined the last two athletes who would make it into the Grand Final.

Day 7 also featured a Balsa Surfboard Demonstration and the ISA Aloha Cup, a tag-team relay competition featuring the top 8 finishing teams from last year’s ISA World Masters, each with squads made up of 4 men and 1 women.

“Today was an incredible day with amazing surfing action, including the semifinals of the ISA Aloha Cup. I also had the very special experience of the Balsa Surfboard Demonstration,” remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “I feel very inspired and honored to have been able to share some waves with the local surfers, while riding their balsa surfboards, that have a long and deep rooted tradition and history in Ecuador.”

The first competitors confirmed for Sunday’s Finals were the Grand Kahunas.


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