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2nd Annual Live Like Sion GromFest on Kauai

Rain clouds made way for sunshine the morning of Aug. 10 for the 2nd Annual Live Like Sion GromFest on Kauai. Held at PK's on the south side of the island, the event celebrated the honor and birthday of Sion Milosky, beloved waterman, surfer, husband and father. The grassy beach park was filled with pop-up tents, towels, surfboards and everything else that makes for a good day at the beach, as friends and ohana gathered to enjoy the weather and waves of Hawaii and remember Milosky's legacy.



Behind every great surfer is a great shaper, and Eric Arakawa’s boards have found their way under the feet of legends. Andy Irons, Michael Ho, Fred Patacchia, and Reef McIntosh are just a few who have put on incredible performances on Arakawa designs. I met Arakawa at his workspace on the North Shore of Oahu, not far from his childhood home, to find out what has pushed him over the years to make some of the world’s most high-performance craft.

What was your first shaping experience?


To the other side of the world for the most unusual wave in the world for a surfing contest

The Red Bull Qiantang Shoot Out 2013 returns to the Qiantang River, in China, the most unusual wave in the world for a surfing contest.

This is probably the first ever competition held on a tidal bore. The Red Bull Qiantang Shoot Out pits teams of surfers against each other in a river wave.

"You have only one wave per day to work with, a limited number of days that it breaks and you have to keep the officials and crews ahead of the wave as it moves upriver at over 40 km/h", explains Glenn Brumage, contest director.


Surf & SUP results from the Dukes Oceanfest

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, SUP, is the rage around  the world. It is said that Duke Kahanamoku was the first surfer seen on the waves with a paddle. In that spirit the SUP games began today at the Duke's OceanFest with the Honolua Ultimate SUP showdown presented by Boyd Events. 

The Honolua Ultimate SUP Showdown was a series of races and surfing to make it into the "Showdown" race at the final. There were 16 men and top two Women in the final race. In the Race Final  it was Connor Baxter, Riggs Napoleon & Kaeo Abbey, third. In the Surf Finals Mo Freitas, Aaron Napoleon and Bonga Perkins was 3rd. 


Duke's OceanFest continues today with the Ultimate SUP Showdown + Recap from yesterday's HIC Pro Junior

Coming up today is the Honolua Ultimate SUP event. Honolua Surf Co.'s Ultimate SUP Showdown is a Boyd event! There are 32 pro athletes for the invitational event which will have an exciting new format great for spectators as well.  Professionals  Travis Grant and Jamie Mitchell from Australia will be part of the contestants and from NZ Daniel Kereopa. The event includes SUP surfing and SUP racing with the "showdown" at the end. "This is a good week to be  in Hawaii for the Duke's birthday", remarked Jamie Mitchell. "The SUP Showdown is a good format and I really like it when people come up with new designs. This should be a great competition." Duke Kahanamoku's birthday is August 24th. It is the 123rd celebration. There will be a lei draping at 6am that morning.


Slater regains top WCT position after Tahiti

Having reached the final of the 6th stop on the 2013 ASP World Tour, Kelly Slater is back at the frontrunner position on the ASP ratings. The 11 time world champion has now 1050 points more than his only opponent for the 2013 crown, Mick Fanning while there are still 4 events to go this season.

In the Final, Kelly Slater was defeated by Adrian Buchan by 18.94 pts vs. 17.90. Earlier, in the semis, Ace Buchan had pulled Fanning out of the contest and helped Slater to jump on the ranking first position.

Slater was a man possessed on the final day of competition, surviving horrific wipeouts throughout his five heats of competition to find himself in this evening’s Final against Buchan. Despite an incredible backhand barrel and a last-minute effort on a right hander, the Australian’s early scores would prove too much for Slater to overcome.


Adrian Buchan Wins Billabong Pro Tahiti, Slater Takes ASP WCT Lead

Adrian Buchan (AUS), 30, has claimed the 2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti over 11-time ASP World Champion and four-time Billabong Pro winner Kelly Slater (USA) in solid four-to-six foot (1.5 – 2 metre) waves at Teahupo’o.

Event No. 6 of 10 on the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT), this season’s Billabong Pro Tahiti saw the famed South Pacific reef pass of Teahupo’o turn on throughout the event with the world’s best surfers redefining high-performance barrel-riding, culminating in a electric, marathon 19-heat final day.


Record Setting Number of Athletes to Compete in The 12th Annual Duke's OceanFest!

Over 1300 athletes to compete in the Dukes Oceanfest ......

The Dukes OceanFest will kick off today in Waikiki in honor of the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku. The 9 day fun filled festival takes an army of personal to organize. The event was started 12 years ago and to this day is a great event that indeed remembers Duke Kahanamoku. It was many years ago that the first such honor was bestowed on the "Father of Modern Day Surfing". 


Pristine Conditions for World’s Best Surfers on Day 2 at the Billabong Pro Tahiti

The 2013 Billabong Pro Tahiti returned to Teahupo’o today with the world’s best surfers reveling in flawless three-to-five foot (1.5 metre) barrels to complete Round 2 and the opening eight heats of Round 3. The ASP Top 34 put on an incredible reef pass performance today in pristine barrels at Teahupo’o.

Mick Fanning (AUS), 32, defending Billabong Pro Tahiti winner and current frontrunner on the ASP WCT rankings, earned a crucial heat win towards his 2013 ASP World Title campaign, besting lethal wildcard Ian Walsh (HAW), 30, in the dying moments of their Round 3 heat. In need of an excellent ride with the clock ticking down, the natural-footer dropped into a flawless 10 point ride, earning the win and advancing to Round 4.


Careful out there - Maui Shark Attack Results in Woman’s Loss of Arm

A woman snorkeling off Maui’s southern shore on Palauea Beach was attacked by a (likely tiger) shark yesterday evening. Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton was also attacked off Hawaiian shores in 2003. However, her attack occurred off Kauai’s north shore. The parallel between the two: the attacker, believed to be of the same species, took both women’s arms off just below the shoulder.


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