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Surfers for a Drug-Free Hawaii ready for 7th annual contest

Surfing the Nations is launching their annual Freedom Surf Contest - “Surfers for a Drug-Free Hawaii” on September 27-29, 2013 in Waikiki at Kuhio Beach. This will be the 7th annual Freedom Surf Contest and we are expecting nothing less than life changing this year.

The aim is to raise awareness of substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation issues, to help heal and transform devastating effect that drug and alcohol abuse is having on the people of Hawaii.


Radioactive Pacific - Fact or Fiction?

Social media bombards us with information.You can learn how many Heinekens your cousin twice-removed consumed on a frisky Friday eve and learn about one of the most significant events of our time during the same 30 seconds. And in either case, you’re likely to encounter a lavish exaggeration. Recently, social media has exaggerated the repercussions from 2011’s Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Radiation was the name of the game and suddenly the Pacific became cancer-inducing aggressor, a killer’s playground. Waist-high waves are now deadly and a bite of a Pacific-born fish is more harmful than 3000 Big Macs. But is any of this worry warranted?


3rd Annual Grom Magazine Surf Contest

This past weekend the town of Lahaina, Maui was celebrating it's Hawaiian heritage with a series of cultural events put on by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation. This unique festival featured a variety of demonstrations from string lei to carving canoes as well as a keiki fishing tournament and the 3rd Annual Grom Magazine Surf Contest. 


Buttons is gone.

Breaking news. I received a phone call from Gary Kaluhiokalani (1st cousin) at 1030am this Saturday morning Nov 2nd to share the sad news that an iconic legend has passed on to the eternal. Buttons Kaluhiokalani 55, died in California. He was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which had spread to his bones and lastly to his brain.  The Hawaiian native has always dedicated his life to surfing and has been known for his great contributions to the progression of our sport. Mahalo for your thoughts and prayers. R.I.P. Buttons. We love you.
Gary Kewley.


Happy 21st Birthday Carissa Moore

“Find what makes you happy, and do it. And find who makes you happy, and be with them.”  – Carissa Moore

The first time I spoke with Carissa Moore was six years ago. She had just won a Men’s WQS event in Mexico, and she was fifteen. People thought that was impressive. And it was. But I distinctly remember that when I hung up the phone, I couldn’t care less about her surfing. I was impressed for entirely different reasons. I set the phone on the ringer and thought to myself: “This girl renews my faith in the idea that professional surfers can be sincere, humble, and kind people.”


A beautiful end to the Duke's OceanFest

Over 1,500 Athletes from All Over the World Participated in the 12th Annual Duke's OceanFest

Today the first ever Duke's SUP races were held that included course races and relay team races. Also completed was the Volleyball Championships and one of Duke's favorite sports Surf Board Water Polo. The entire event was a success with over 1500 athletes competing in the nine days of events that mark the 12th year of this one of a kind event. 


Dear God I hope this works.....


It has been too flat for too long.  

I mean, I expect a little bit of this for summer time, but this is starting to get to me.  The summer started off soooo good too!  Made us think we were going to be in a for an epic summer.  

Ha! when was the last time you said that?!  Well it wont be this year, that is for sure.  But like I said, I am kind of used to this sort of thing for August.  

But holy crud has the weather been insane!  The conditions have been heavenly....if there were waves!  Its all I can think about..."man, if it was like 4ft right now, it would be SOOOOO GOOD!"


Honolua Bloomfield wins the Duke's Wahine Longboard

The Wahine Longboard division finished up today. Surf picked up slightly for the early morning heat. It is always a battle for patience in the inconsistant Waikiki surf but in the end it was the youngest competitor that came our victorious. Honolua Bloomfield from the North Shore of Oahu took the title.


2nd Annual Live Like Sion GromFest on Kauai

Rain clouds made way for sunshine the morning of Aug. 10 for the 2nd Annual Live Like Sion GromFest on Kauai. Held at PK's on the south side of the island, the event celebrated the honor and birthday of Sion Milosky, beloved waterman, surfer, husband and father. The grassy beach park was filled with pop-up tents, towels, surfboards and everything else that makes for a good day at the beach, as friends and ohana gathered to enjoy the weather and waves of Hawaii and remember Milosky's legacy.



Behind every great surfer is a great shaper, and Eric Arakawa’s boards have found their way under the feet of legends. Andy Irons, Michael Ho, Fred Patacchia, and Reef McIntosh are just a few who have put on incredible performances on Arakawa designs. I met Arakawa at his workspace on the North Shore of Oahu, not far from his childhood home, to find out what has pushed him over the years to make some of the world’s most high-performance craft.

What was your first shaping experience?


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