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Bethany Hamilton to make an appearance at the surf expo

Fans of Bethany Hamilton, a pro surfer and inspirational icon to millions throughout the world, will get the opportunity to catch a sneak peek of her upcoming surf film and interact with her during the Q&A portion of her Surf Expo seminar. The seminar will be held Sept. 5 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Surf Expo Tradeshow located at Orange County Convention Center South Hall, 9899 International Dr., Orlando, FL.



Classic sorta impromptu talk story sesh with one young and one 'older' living legend....about the heat of a lifetime.


Medina beats Slater at Teahupo'o in what many claim to be the best ASP contest ever.

Amazing final day of Billabong Pro Tahiti drops jaws

Surf News Network, 25 August, 2014: Teahupo'o, Tahiti - The world’s best surfers put everything on the line as they battled the world’s most dangerous wave for an historic Finals day at the Billabong Pro Tahiti, stop no. 7 on the 2014 Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT).

The Final Day's 12-man field took on perilous conditions and monster 12-to-15 foot barreling waves, the biggest of the season, in pursuit of victory. It was Gabriel Medina (BRA) who came out on top to claim the coveted title of Billabong Pro Tahiti Champion after an unbelievable day of competition and what is being dubbed the best WCT contest in history....


'Endless Summer' movie inspires Hawaii surfing-centered resort.

The Honolulu investors who are redeveloping the iconic Coco Palms Resort on Kauai plan to develop a 400-unit resort in West Oahu centered around a four-acre surfing wave pool that will be themed after the iconic surfing movie " The Endless Summer," the Greene Waters Group of Bridge Real Estate told PBN on Sunday.

Principals Chad Waters and Tyler Greene have partnered with Bruce Brown Films and licensed the rights to the 1960s popular surfing movie to launch Surf City Hui LLC, the ownership entity for the concept resort that will be called The Endless Summer Resort....


Kai Sallas claims ASP 1-Star LQS event at Dukes OceanFest

Surf News Network, 22 August, The gods sent the surf for the Duke's OceanFest on Thursday for the finals of the Association of Surfing Professionals one star long boarding contest. A stand out in the competition was Maui Zane who is originally from Maui but lives and works in Waikiki....


This will be the hottest surfing debate of the year...

SafeSurfHawaii is a group of surfers, bodyboarders and bodysurfers who believe that the time has come for the DLNR to adopt rules that will ensure that Hawaii's surf zones are safe and enjoyable for all waveriders. The increasing presence of Stand Up Paddleboard ("SUP") users in Hawaii's surfzones has created both safety and fair access problems for surfers, bodyboarders and swimmers. The time has come for the DLNR to adopt rules regulating the use of SUPs in surf zones (or at least to try a pilot project in a limited area offshore from Ala Moana Beachpark ... i.e. the Safe Surfzones Pilot Project)...


Teahupoo tops the list as one of surfings deadliest spots

Allow us to preface this article with this: Surfing is not a particularly dangerous sport. You’re much more likely to die on the freeway than while pursuing the passion of wave riding. That said, tragedy strikes the tight-knit surf community more often than we would like, and there are a handful of surf spots where dying is more likely than at others. Regardless, surfers flock to these deadly waves in droves. It’s the rush, the danger, and the sheer joy one gets from flying down the face of an incredibly large mountain of water that keep us coming back for more despite the odds—albeit minuscule—of that being that fateful last ride.


VICE Sports today presents the latest from its series Sitdowns, featuring Kelly Slater.

The world title surfer chats candidly about the grudge match between east and west coast surfers, his short-lived stint on Baywatch as Jimmy Slade, and his contentious friendship with the late surfer Andy Irons.

Kelly Slater has ruled the surfing world for over a "2 decades" (correction by SNN), earning the title of ASP World Tour Champion a record 11 times. In the latest episode of Sitdowns, the professional surfer stopped by the VICE Sports office to show off some home footage of his early days, reveal the embarrassment behind his short-lived television stint on Baywatch, and open up about his friendship and rivalry with the late Andy Irons.

In Sitdowns, VICE Sports chats with athletes about just about anything....


We lost a legend - Skating pioneer Jay Adams , one of the original Z-Boys passed away

Jay Adams, the colorful rebel who helped transform skateboarding from a simple street pastime into one of the world's most spectacular sports with hair-raising stunts and an outsized personality to match, has died at age 53.

Adams died of a heart attack Thursday during a surfing vacation in Mexico with his wife and friends, his manager, Susan Ferris said Friday.


The 13th Annual Dukes OceanFest going off with great timing with Mother Nature.

The 13th annual Duke's OceanFest features a variety of ocean sports that were close to Duke Kahanamoku's heart, including Longboard Surfing, Paddleboard Racing, Swimming, Tandem Surfing, Surf Polo, Beach Volleyball, and Stand-Up Paddling. The events will be held throughout Waikiki from August 16-24, 2014....GO HERE


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