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off 9/15. on 9/28

Lets compare 2 of the biggest waves ever ridden without making.

Let's take a look at a British surfer may have set a world record for riding a wave that dwarfs those we saw at the Mavericks Invitational suft contest this year.

Andrew Cotton rode a wave off the coast of Portugal that was believed to be 98-feet tall in the face or crest to trough (SNN: but tell me...where IS the trough?).

Residing in Croyde, South West, United Kingdom, big wave surfer Andrew Cotton often ventures across his homeland border to hunt down massive swells. This time, the giant, unruly surf at Nazaré brought ‘Cotty’ to Portugal on February 2, 2014. Media outlets around the world are buzzing with estimates of how large the wave actually was, possibly 78-80 ft, and questioning its possible ‘world record breaking’ status. (SNN: 'who' came up with 78-80?).


GMac teams up with Mercedes

Garrett McNamara has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to shape special surfboards for the waves of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Portugal.

Grey, black and futuristic. Garrett McNamara has unveiled new war equipment for the battle of big waves, at the Nazaré North Canyon.


Pipeline More Gums than Teeth at Volcom Pipe Pro

Pipeline, Oahu - The recent massive surf episode experienced on Oahu's famous North Shore, with waves of up to 60 feet, has made life tough for professional surfers in town for the $130,000 Volcom Pipe Pro - a 5-star ASP-rated event. 

Athletes have spent the past four days waiting for rough storm surf and winds to subside so they can get back to business. Today they hit the water for the early rounds of competition in head-high surf to the north of true Pipeline.


Greg Long is a living legend, and confronts the demons that nearly killed him.


Greg Long came very close to dying at Cortes Bank on December 21, 2012. After arriving at the underwater seamount 100 miles off Souther California’s coast with Shane Dorian, Grant Baker, and Ian Walsh, Greg dropped in too deep on the second wave in a five-wave set. He made it to the bottom, then was buried in the whitewater, being driven deep with three more monsters behind him. His inflatable suit failed and he was held down for three waves before losing consciousness just feet below the surface.


Insight in how to improve your bottom turn and from there your top turns.

It's easy to overlook the grand daddy of all turns. The 1st one we gotta do to surf at a higher level. Bottom Turn (regular foot). From 110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2 DVD.


North Shore Surf Shop Sunset Jr Pro Results are in.


Today was a massive day for the sport of surfing as the world’s best Junior men and women attacked 8 – 10 foot Sunset beach and showed why the future of our sport is in good hands. At first light there were 12 foot close out sets rolling through Sunset and there were 30 juniors paddling out to practice for their heats. The courage and determination these young kids have is revolutionary.

Kelly Slater came down to commentate for the Final and was blown away how hard the kids were charging. He even mentioned “I wasn’t surfing out here when I was their age”


Official 2013 shark attack statistics

According to the Global Shark Attack File for 2013 which was issued today, there were 116 worldwide shark attacks with 59 of those occurring in the United States. Of the 13 fatal shark attacks this year Brazil, Australia and the US each counted two deaths. 


Grant 'Twiggy' Baker posts 2 10pt rides to take the win at the Mavericks Invtl

Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker (Durban) won the Body Glove Mavericks Invitational presented by GoPro in giant waves with faces that exceeded 40 feet at Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, California.
Competing against 23 of the world’s best big wave chargers in the fourth stop on the Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour, Baker gave a clinic in high performance big wave surfing throughout the event, winning his Round 1 heat, finishing second in the semis and dominating the final. The 40 year-old Durbanite caught the most waves, taking off in the perfect position, manoeuvring his way around the bone-crushing white-water and pulling into and emerging from a gaping tube.


Paddle-in frontier requires bigger blanks.

US Blanks Partners with Eric Arakawa and Pat Rawson

Surf News, 21 January, 2014 - US Blanks would like to announce the release of the 11’8” BG blank, made possible through a partnership with famed Hawaiian surfboard shapers Eric Arakawa and Pat Rawson.  

Eric Arakawa is the renowned head shaper for Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC) where he shaped boards for 3-time World Champion Andy Irons. Rawson helped start Local Motion surfboards in 1978 and has built boards for such notable surfers as Sunny Garcia, Mason Ho, and Jeremy Flores, among many others.  Arakawa and Rawson have advised one another throughout their careers and the 11’8” BG marks their second design collaboration on a surfboard blank.


THROUGH THE LENS with Rob Machado - Sig Zane


Documenting the talents of amazing people who happen to surf.

Iconic surfer Rob Machado has traveled the world for more than half his life. And during that time, he’s crossed paths with countless individuals who share a love for surfing and a passion for the arts. In his new series called Through The Lens, we meet these individuals and follow Rob as he re-connects with the people who've inspired him along the way.


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