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BIG Swell Forecast for Third Annual North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior

Surfs challenging at 6-10' WNW with wobble and a seabreeze mix. The third-annual North Shore Surf Shop Sunset Beach Pro Junior presented by Da Hui is here. The waiting period is January 15 through 25 and with a promising swell forecast, this year will undoubtedly serve up some challenging conditions for the world’s best Junior surfers.

The Sunset Beach Pro Junior has become a truly international event with participants from all over the world including Australia, Brazil, Japan, Europe, South America and North America.

The top pro junior surfer’s know that in today’s day and age you have to perform well in Hawaii in order to really become one of the world’s best surfers. GO LIVE HERE


One. Sick. Vid.

Perfect Pipeline As Seen From A Drone

Drones are everywhere. The government uses them to spy on you and kill terrorists, Amazon wants to use them to deliver holiday cheer, and some asshole ruined my sunset the other night with his buzzing chopper. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are here to stay. And while the use of drones when it comes to filming surfing is in its infantile stage, here’s the best work yet with Pipeline taking center stage.



On Sunday, Jan. 12, from 10 AM-12 PM, in multiple locations,

students from all Maui County High Schools will be combing Maui County beaches in search of

cigarette butts. Led by the Maui District Student Council Organization (MDSCO), and partnership

with Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawai'i, Sustainable Coastlines, Surfrider Foundation Maui,

and Community Work Day / Malama Maui Nui, this event is a chance for students and adults to

take care of Maui, and to document precisely how cigarette butts are infiltrating Maui Beaches.

This is grass roots, student-driven activism, with an eye on using this information to educate the

Public and the County Council on the number one item found at Beach Cleanups: Cigarette butts.



Saturday January 11th, at 8am

The HSA has been delivering champions for over 40 years, including some of the most famous names in surfing: Derek and Michael Ho, Eddie and Clyde Aikau, Gerry Lopez, Tony Moniz, Andy and Bruce Irons, and the list still grows today. 
Witness Hawaii's future champions here at Turtle Bay for event #5 in the high School Division and Event # 9 of the HASA. See you there.


We have plenty swell on tap to finish by Tuesday!

Back in 2012 the event went off the hook. In 2013 mother nature had other plans. This year it'll be close. Here's hi lites from 2012 by Daniel Ikaika Ito

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout is a core event because of its unique contest format and the high caliber of Pipe surfers invited to the contest. Sponsors field a four-man team and pay $2,500 per surfer to compete. There’s no elimination at the Shootout and each of the 32 competitors surf an equal amount of heats. Each ride is judged on a 12-point scale and the four best waves are totaled. It’s a contest “for the surfers, put on by the surfers.” Reef McIntosh winner.  Go here for daily status for this years event.


Wave Of The Winter: Locals Only At Pipeline


“Wave of the Winter” is sacred ground on the North Shore. So many great rides happen everywhere from Sunset to Pipeline to Waimea to Haleiwa, but only one can and will rise amongst the rest. To help determine which wave tops the rest, Oakley and Surfline rely on a seasoned group of North Shore watermen, including Pancho Sullivan, Ross Williams, and the great Gerry Lopez.


Black XXXL Swell hits Europe

10X World Long Distance Paddle Champ, Jamie Mitchel drops into a beast. Any guesses how big? Though some spots were 'smaller' than expected and other spots like NAzarene were stormier than hoped for, this was thee biggest storm and swell in over 10 years. Check the video...


MAKAHIKI KUILIMA Turtle Bay Hosts Makahiki Celebration with 3RD Annual Festival, showcasing traditional Hawaiian sports.

Hawaii's long culture celebrated and perpetuated this Saturday on O'ahu's fabled North Shore.

Makahiki season comes alive at Turtle Bay Resort as it celebrates the season with traditional Hawaiian sporting events and cultural performances. The celebration entitled Makahiki Kuilima kicks off on the lawns of Turtle Bay Resort on January 11, 2014.

The event is presented by Hawaiian education program, Naepuni Aloha and Ke Kula `o S.M. Kamakau. Makahiki Kuillima is sponsored by Kanalu, Turtle Bay Resort, and many more community supporters.


Waikiki SUP race in Feb.helps raise skin cancer awareness

Ingo Redemacher, Ed Wheeler and Leleo Kinimaka © Joey Carroll

Kaimana Beach to Waikiki, Oahu
22 February, 2014

Xcel and University of Hawaii Cancer Center partner up to fight skin cancer

Surf News, 6 January, 2014 Xcel is excited to announce the 2nd Annual Race Against Skin Cancer Presented by the Friends of the University of Hawai'i Cancer Center.

The standup paddle race, to be held Saturday, February 22, is an initiative of the ongoing partnership between Xcel and the University of Hawai'i Cancer Center to fight skin cancer in Hawaii and beyond. SUPers of all levels are encouraged to participate and help raise awareness for skin cancer; all event proceeds benefit the University of Hawai'i Cancer Center.


Dial in your surfing this year with these great surf apps

As surfers, we have a huge selection of useful, and not-so-useful, smartphone apps that we can access in order to affect our surfing experience. A quick search for “surfing” in the iTunes App Store turns up nearly 800 surf-related games, forecasting tools and social sharing platforms that range from excessively simplistic to overly complicated. Nearly everyone has their own list of surf apps du jour, but with the ever-evolving nature of smartphone app development, those lists become stale and outdated as quick as they got hot.


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